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IGEL offers an endpoint operating system designed for secure, easy-to-manage access to virtual and cloud-based apps and desktops.

The industry's most secure, high-performance, managed endpoint operating system


Who is IGEL?

Headquartered in Bremen, Germany, IGEL provides the next-gen edge OS for cloud workspaces. The company’s world-leading software products include IGEL OS™, IGEL UD Pocket™ (UDP), and IGEL Universal Management Suite™ (UMS). These solutions comprise a more secure, manageable and cost-effective endpoint management and control platform across nearly any x86 device. Easily acquired via just two feature-rich software offerings — Workspace Edition and Enterprise Management Pack — IGEL software presents outstanding value per investment.

Additionally, IGEL’s German engineered endpoint solutions deliver the industry’s best hardware warranty (5 years), software maintenance (3 years after end of life) and management functionality. IGEL enables enterprises to save vast amounts of money by extending the useful life of their existing endpoint devices while precisely controlling all devices running IGEL OS from a single dashboard interface. IGEL has offices worldwide and is represented by partners in over 50 countries.


Arrow and IGEL

Arrow is proud to add IGEL to the Arrow linecard, and we look forward to collaborating, delivering and fulfilling solutions and products to your end-customers. The goal is to have them fall in love with Windows again and effortlessly transform their existing endpoints into high-performance Windows 10 cloud workspaces.

Arrow adds value by:

  • Equipping IGEL Partners with the necessary knowledge and expertise to sell their products and services
  • Rewarding results and fostering growth
  • Recommending complementary solutions to complete the offering
  • Generating demand with tailored sales and marketing campaigns
  • Responding quickly to partner needs
  • Delivering world-class technical services

Let Arrow get you started with IGEL today!

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IGEL product offerings

  • IGEL OS is a next-gen edge operating system for cloud workspaces. It offers verified, secure and direct access to cloud-based apps and desktops with Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) from the Microsoft Azure cloud and Amazon Workspaces.
  • Universal Management Suite (UMS) software runs on a server to manage and control up to 100,000 IGEL OS-powered endpoint devices.
  • Workspace Edition software includes both IGEL OS and UMS as the base IGEL software offering (perpetual license).
  • Enterprise Management Pack software subscriptions provide some value-added UMS extensions, including the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) that enables full management and control of “off-network” (not on the extended corporate LAN) devices via the Internet. 
  • UD2, UD3 and UD7 Endpoint Hardware Devices are for those customers that want a complete HW/SW solution from IGEL. These endpoints offer outstanding performance and value to cover any specific customer use cases, from a call center associate to a high-end design engineer.
  • UD Pocket is a USB-pluggable “stick,” no bigger than a thumbnail, that allows any Windows device to boot directly into IGEL OS when the UD Pocket is inserted.

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