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Liquidware is the premier provider of third-party Windows digital workspace management solutions used by enterprise organisations around the world.

Adaptive Workspace Management Solutions


What does Liquidware do?

Liquidware solutions offer the following strategic benefits by:

  • Building on existing infrastructure so investments are not lost.  Staff works with familiar approaches. Existing infrastructure and systems are not disrupted or displaced.
  • Offering a platform-agnostic approach in which workspace environments are heterogeneous.  Organizations are freed from stove-piped structures that restrict growth. Existing processes are automated to facilitate higher levels of control, security and efficiency that sets the stage for comprehensive disaster recovery.
  • Enabling emerging technologies and approaches to be introduced into the environment seamlessly and quickly, enriching the user experience without increasing cost over time.
  • Aligning workspace design to user requirements and work modes, supporting the use of best-of-breed workspace technologies for an optimum end-user experience.
  • Enabling administrators to migrate and co-exist users across evolving platforms easily (Windows OS/application versions, and virtual, physical, cloud platforms, etc.).

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