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Protect Your Customers with Microsoft’s Leading Security Solutions

Explore Microsoft solutions designed to help you protect your customers from specific cyberthreats.

Microsoft Security Solutions 


Cyber threats are growing in sophistication, scale, and speed. Without the right protection, every layer of your customers’ environment is at risk.

Committed to making the digital world a safer place, Microsoft can help your customers identify cyber threats quickly and respond effectively. 

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Manage Identities and Access

Safeguard access to resources with a complete identity solution that securely connects users, apps, and devices. 

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Stop Cyberthreats

Gain enterprise-wide visibility and disrupt cyberattacks across multicloud, multiplatform environments with integrated SIEM and XDR. 

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Secure an Entire Cloud Estate

Safeguard apps and resources with complete visibility and comprehensive protection across workloads. 

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Protect Smaller Businesses

Work securely from anywhere with cost-effective solutions specifically designed for businesses up to 300 employees. 

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Identify and Remediate Risks

Prevent, investigate, and remediate both malicious and inadvertent activities. 

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Protect and Govern Sensitive Data

Safeguard data across clouds, apps, and endpoints by configuring protection and retention labels. 

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Why Choose Microsoft for Your Security Business?

Integrate Integrate

Easy Integration

Security solutions that are designed to seamlessly integrate with the broader ecosystem, enabling a unified and cohesive security approach across diverse environments.

Global_Tech Global_Tech

Greater Threat Intelligence

An extensive global reach and user base allow for a more informed and proactive response to emerging threats.

Cloud_Security Cloud_Security

Cloud-Native Security

Cloud-native security solutions that are built to secure modern IT infrastructures and protect against evolving cloud-based threats.

Onboarding Onboarding

User-Friendly Interfaces

User-friendly interfaces that make it more efficient for administrators and users to manage security settings, monitor threats, and respond to incidents effectively.

Value_Engineering Value_Engineering

Tailored for business size

Security solutions that can be tailored and scaled to businesses of all sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for diverse organisational requirements.

Cloud_Subscription Cloud_Subscription

Licensing Flexibility

Multiple licensing options and flexibility for Microsoft partners allow you to tailor solutions to the specific needs and budget constraints of your customers.

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