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Using managed services to expand your capabilities

02/08/2023 | Cédric Doignie

Continue to innovate while bypassing the skill shortage and barriers to entry


For IT providers, it is imperative to continue innovating and delivering cutting edge services to remain competitive and keep pace with your customers’ evolving needs. But the current landscape poses key challenges to innovation and subsequently to your business growth. We see two major factors standing in your way:

1. Skill shortage. There is a lack of qualified talent with specialised technology skill sets available. It is becoming increasingly difficult to source and attract people with the niche skill sets you need to take your business to the next level.

2. Barrier to entry. It is extremely expensive to build platform and help desk (24x7) requested to offer best-of-breed managed services. On top, time to market for setting-up these complex teams, processes and platforms makes cash flow and return on investment a difficult equation.

Because it is not only difficult to find niche talent but it is also cost-prohibitive to build the required set-up, businesses trying to extend beyond their core capabilities are in the tough position of trying to find creative ways to grow and innovate.

But the problem goes beyond extending into new markets. In fact, we’ve seen many of our channel partners underutilise their existing technologies because they don’t have a certain expertise. For example, we’ve often seen less than 30% of the functionality of NetScaler (formerly Citrix ADC) actually get used. We’ve also seen channel partners deploy competitive technologies without realising they already have the capability in their own portfolio. How does this happen? Technology products and solutions are vast and their functionalities are extensive and complex. To know the ins and outs of a solution would require an incredible level of specialisation — it’s not hard to imagine only a fraction of capabilities are often ever realised.

Complement your existing capabilities and enter new markets


Managed services meets you halfway. Instead of investing in hard-to-reach, specialised and expensive resources, leverage Arrow’s managed services to complement your capabilities, take full advantage of existing technologies, accelerate your SLAs and extend into new technology markets. From data management to networking and security to cloud, we can help you start your journey to managed services.

Let us help you accelerate your growth. Here are the top reasons to work with Arrow to complement your in-house capabilities.


  1. Rely on expert technical knowledge
  2. Step away from daily maintenance and logistical tasks so you can focus on supporting your customers in your specialty areas
  3. Reduce entry costs by leveraging Arrow expertise and platforms
  4. Increase operational performance of your technology while preventing incidents and downtime
  5. Access managed services that are complementary to your existing offerings
  6. Maximise the value and capabilities of your technologies

We are excited to remove some of the barriers to help you move forward! To learn how to get started with Arrow’s managed services, reach out to your account representative or contact us.

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