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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Gender Pay Gap Report 2021


As an employer of more than 250 employees, Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions Limited (“Arrow”) is required to undertake Gender Pay Gap Reporting as required by the Equality Act of 2010  (“Gender Pay Gap Information”) Regulations 2017.  This is Arrow’s Gender Pay Gap Information as of 5 April 2021.

The Gender Pay Gap in a Company is the difference in pay levels between male and female employees, irrespective of their position held. Therefore, this is different to “equal pay”, which is where Companies are required to ensure that male and female employees are paid the same for doing the same or similar roles.

In publishing this report, Arrow ECS is confident that where roles are identical in duties and responsibilities within the Company, that these employees are paid equal rates of pay irrespective of their genders.

We would like to note that Arrow ECS is committed to addressing any issues of gender pay imbalances, whilst we are committed to attracting more females to our dynamic workforce, whom are represented at all levels.

Arrow Values

Arrow complies with all applicable laws regarding equal pay for men and women, including any regulation requiring that men and women receive equal pay for:

  • The same or broadly similar work;
  • Work rated as equivalent under a job evaluation scheme; and
  • Work of equal value.

Arrow is committed to equal opportunities and equal treatment for all employees, regardless of gender, race, religion or belief, age, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy/maternity, sexual orientation, gender reassignment or disability. All employees are trained on and agree to comply with Arrow’s Worldwide Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. It is against Arrow policy to make any employment decisions based on any of these characteristics, including rate of pay.  Any employee found to have violated this policy will be disciplined up to and including termination of employment.

As part of Arrow’s ongoing efforts to pro-actively address any pay gap, Arrow also:

  • Routinely carries out pay audits; and
  • Evaluates job roles and pay grades to ensure an equitable structure.

After a thorough review of Arrow’s gender pay gap analysis, we find that the pay gap is not the result of Arrow paying men and women differently for the same or similar work. Rather, the pay gap is the result of other factors, such as tenure with Arrow, experience, or required skill sets.   

Ongoing Efforts

Arrow is committed to taking additional steps to address any pay gap, including those under the Gender Pay Gap Information. 

Advancing inclusion and diversity is a strategic imperative at Arrow as evidenced by the following:

  • The commitment to participate in benchmark studies that assess career advancement practices, work-life balance issues, and diversity;
  • The formation of a global Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Council to develop and implement a roadmap for leadership accountability, education and awareness, program and event sponsorship, and communication; and
  • Active support and sponsorship for programs that support women and historically under-represented groups. 

With inclusion declared as a core value, all programs, policies, both internal and external, will be viewed through this lens. 

As required by law, Arrow will continue our annual reporting obligation and advise on results.


We confirm that our data is accurate and has been calculated in accordance with the Gender Pay Gap Information. Download the full report here.