Wireless Charging for Consumer Applications

Learn about efficient Infineon wireless charging solutions and find out how they are optimized to meet the needs of today’s consumer devices.

Wireless charging for consumer applications. Highly efficient and cost-effective solutions from Infineon.

Enhance every wireless charging design with the right semiconductor solutions from Infineon – your partner for wireless charging applications. As a member of the Wireless Power Consortium and the AirFuel Alliance, Infineon is dedicated to actively shaping the trends of tomorrow.

Advanced technology delivers consumer convenience

Despite all the mobility we are enjoying, we still tether our mobile devices to the wall. End-customers are demanding more convenient ways of charging their devices. Standardization in charger cables was a step in the right direction, but that did not reduce the time consumed to physically connect devices to chargers.

Wireless charging removes the hassle of re-fueling your devices and makes it as convenient as possible. By using electromagnetic fields to transfer power from a transmitter to a receiver application, it charges your battery without a physical connection. Standardization in the wireless charging field, allows for plug and play compatibility of transmitter and receiver solutions on the market.

Target Applications

- Compatible devices from a wide range of receiver applications can fuel up cable-free.
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Why Infineon has the right solutions

Having a reliable partner on your side can help you maximally optimize your wireless charging designs. Infineon’s broad selection of components, solutions and reference design helps you master your wireless charging design challenges. Choose Infineon and benefit from:

• High performance solutions at best price/performance ratio in the industry  stemming from cost effective packages and leading, reliable and mature silicon technology
• High power density for small designs: lowest switching and conduction losses in smallest packages for MOSFETS 
• Low parasitic packages for MOSFET (2x2,3x3 HB)
• Highest efficiency in hard switching topologies; low switching losses  (~20%) due to low input and output capacitances; Benchmark for lowest switching and conduction losses
• A wide ready-to-use range of reference designs to create your inverter/adapter/charger solution

Wireless charging standards

Currently, two wireless charging standards stand out on the market: inductive and resonant. Here’s a detailed look at each as well as an overview of cutting-edge solutions from Infineon’s comprehensive portfolio of high-quality semiconductors.

1. Inductive wireless charging

Qi, driven by Wireless Power Consortium and inductive AirFuel driven by the AirFuel Alliance, both of which support single-coil and multi-coil inductive topologies and use frequencies of 100-300 kHz, dominate the market today as measured by volume. Their widespread use can be attributed to their cost-efficiency. While inductive multi-coil solutions allow for a more flexible position of multiple devices to be charged (with a typical freedom of <10 mm), inductive single-coil solutions request an almost exact position of a single device. Inductive topologies always rely on in-band communication.

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Infineon’s product offerings for the transmitter unit:

Inverter MOSFETs - OptiMOS™ PQFN 3.3x3.3
Optimized inverter MOSFETs for wireless charging solutions compliant with inductive Qi and inductive AirFuel standard. Infineon’s reliable and mature silicon technology OptiMOS™ in tiny PQFN packages enable high efficiency levels in your transmitter solution. BSZ0994NSATMA1 with low RDS(on) of 8.6 mΩ and BSZ0589NSATMA1 with even lower on-state resistance of only 4.4 mΩ are the right parts for your inverter MOSFETs.

With the BSC0993NDATMA1  30 V low voltage MOSFET, the OptiMOS™ technology is brought into small PowerStage 5x6 package with low RDS(on) of 7mΩ. Optimized EMI behavior, highest power density and energy efficiency, both in standby and full operation make the BSC0993NDATMA1 the perfect fit for your wireless charging solution.

Coil selection switch - IR MOSFET™ in PQFN 2x2
For multi-coil solutions, coil selection switches are needed to bring the power to where it is needed. Infineon recommends the IR MOSFET™ IRLHS6342TRPbF. With its low RDS(on) and low profile of less than 1.0 mm, the IRLHS6342TRPbF is the perfect switch in your design.

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2. Resonant wireless charging

AirFuel also offers a resonant inductive topology that uses the 6.78 MHz frequency. Advantages include enhanced user-friendliness because you can freely place the device that needs to be charged in the vicinity of the transmitter (typically up to 30 mm of vertical freedom) and chargers multiple devices of different size and power. It communicates using Bluetooth® low energy.

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0517 Wireless Charging for Consumer Applications_image3_classE


Infineon’s product offering for the transmitter unit:

Infineon offers superior power MOSFET technology especially in the 30 V-100 V areas for class D inverter designs and in the 150 V-250 V voltage class for class E inverter to address MHz switching implementations. Robust silicon MOSFET technology optimized for fast switching and best Figure of Merit for gate charge times RDS(on) and Coss allows it to achieve 6.78 MHz inverter designs.

BSZ0909ND OptiMOS™ half bridge
The BSZ0909ND fits perfectly in wireless charging or drives (e.g. drones and multicopters) architectures where designers target simplification of the layout and significant saving of space without compromising on efficiency.

The used OptiMOS™ technology combined with the PQFN 3x3 package offers an optimized solution for DC/DC applications with space critical requirements. 
Further, the BSZ0909ND is a leading product in the industry when it comes to fast switching. It has an optimized Figure of Merit for gate charge times RDS(on) (Qg*RDS(on)) to achieve low switching and conduction losses at 6.78 MHz.

For multi-coil designs, Infineon recommends their easy-to-use IR MOSFET™ devices like the IRL60HS118 and IRL80HS120 - logic level power MOSFETs - which are highly suitable for wireless charging applications. The PQFN 2x2 package is especially suited for high speed switching and form factor critical applications enabling high power density and improved efficiency as well as significant space saving.

The low gate charge Qg reduces switching losses without compromising conduction losses. Despite the low gate charge, the logic level products achieve a lower RDS(on) compared to the next best alternatives. The improved Figures of Merit (FoM) allow operations at high switching frequencies. Furthermore, the logic level drive provides a low gate threshold voltage VGS(th) allowing the MOSFET to be driven at 5 V and directly from microcontrollers.

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OptiMOS™ power MOSFET
Infineon’s OptiMOS™ power MOSFETs offer an excellent RDS(on) and charge characteristics in a small PQFN 3.3x3.3 package for your wireless power transmitter design.  For the use in Class-E topologies, Infineon recommends either the BSZ900N20NS3 200V OptiMOS™ power MOSFET with an on-state resistance of 28 mΩ or the BSZ22DN20NS3 200V OptiMOS™ power MOSFET with an RDS(on) value of 200 mΩ.

For class D topology, the BSZ065N03LS 30V OptiMOS™ in PQFN 3.3x3.3 is the perfect fit, offering low RDS(on) value of only 6.9mΩ.

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