Five Years Out

Where opportunity meets technology

For innovators facing the daunting challenges of making their idea real, the space between if and how can feel so vast. For those brave enough to forge their own path, Arrow is here for the how.

Five Years Out

Welcome to the tangible future.

The people who live and work here know that new technologies, new materials, new ideas and new electronics will make life not only different, but better. Not just cheaper, but smarter. Not just easier, but more inspired.

Five Years Out is a way of thinking to bridge the gap between what’s possible and the practical technologies to make it happen.

Bridging the space between if and how

Arrow Electronics guides innovation forward for thousands of leading technology manufacturers and service providers. With 2023 sales of $33 billion, Arrow develops technology solutions that help improve business and daily life.

Our broad portfolio that spans the entire technology landscape, helps customers design, distribute and deploy forward-thinking products that make the benefits of technology accessible to as many people as possible.

Here for the How

Company Profile

ARW (NYSE) Ticker symbol
133 Fortune Ranking
22,000+ Employees Worldwide
1935 Founded
1946 Incorporated
1961 Public

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Our featured stories

An affordable smart home

May 2024
Arrow is helping Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver develop a new community of affordable homes that for the first time will feature innovative smart home technologies.

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May 2024
Arrow Electronics and NVIDIA have collaborated on a first-ever AI-based steering system that uses face detection and a Jetson AGX Orin ™ module to control a race car.

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Electrifying motorbike performance

Nov 2023
Arrow is helping Singapore startup Oyika develop a new battery ecosystem for electric motorbikes across the region.

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Possibilities through prosthetics

Mar 2023
How Unlimited Tomorrow is changing the lives of individuals without limbs.

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Environmental, Social, and Governance

At Arrow, doing good is good for business and our global community. We monitor and manage our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impacts, and we work closely with stakeholders to help create a better tomorrow and to assure the long-term sustainability of our company.

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