Arrow Global Supply Chain Services

Your electronics supply chain is essential. Embrace a future of growth with supply chain control.

Arrow’s global supply chain services manages highly complex, high-volume global supply chains for large OEMs and suppliers.

This means our Supply-Chain-as-a-Service offering is built on top of 85 years of Arrow Electronics supply chain leadership and expertise in the electronics industry. We accelerate your direct electronics supply chain into the future by leveraging Arrow’s seasoned industry experts, best-in-class processes, world-class systems and infrastructure, extensive global footprint and reach, and the orchestrator of the electronics partner ecosystem.

Arrow Global Supply Chain Services

Supply-Chain-as-a-Service streamlines your electronics supply chain.

We become your shock absorber to the myriad of tactical day-to-day distractions that often get in the way of the things you need to focus on: your strategy and your market. This solution for your direct supply chain is the perfect complement to your distribution supply chain, which together maximizes your supply chain performance and customer experience.

We enable:

Supply chain control

Imagine how powerful your supply chain would be if you removed 80% of the distractions and inefficiencies that currently exist between suppliers and manufacturing sites. We sit in the middle of this complexity and orchestrate the tactical activities on your behalf. Because suppliers and manufacturing sites enjoy less complexity and less tactical management of supply chain activities, the outcome for you is a much healthier, and responsive, supply chain ecosystem.

With built-in mechanisms to help balance supply and demand, manage shortages and excess, and coordinate allocations and rebalancing, your supply chain has never been more in control.

Supply chain visibility

You know the importance of supply chain visibility if you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “Where are my orders?” Our Digital Supply Chain Platform will give you immediate visibility to forecasts, orders, inventory, shipments, invoices, and returns. Enjoy a transparent supply chain, with complete traceability of parts from suppliers into factories, always knowing where parts are, where they’ve come from, and where they are going. Our visibility is intelligent visibility, giving you tools and insights to understand risks and potential points of failure (powered by SiliconExpert). This also provides the tools to prevent production disturbances and scorecards that monitor your supplier performance. Whether your end users need access to our proprietary web application or your systems need to call an API, we have the capabilities to help you accelerate your own digital supply chain aspirations and investments.

Supply chain resilience 

Imagine being at least one step ahead of the competition every time. Our solutions help you take proactive steps to always be ready for change, like securing stock, reducing lead times into manufacturing sites, supporting regionalized buffer strategies, managing risk, and always having long-term visibility to demand and supply.

When unforeseen events occur, we can help pivot quickly by rebalancing inventory across regions, assisting you in making the difficult decisions on where to send products, and stepping in to resolve shortages. Through our proprietary capabilities and processes, we enable flexibility and agility through the entire product life cycle from NPI to volume production to EOL.

Supply chain optimization

Your electronics supply chain is complex and may be difficult to manage at times. With a distributed supply chain, there are often inefficiencies and additional costs spread throughout. Supply-Chain-as-a-Service performs a function of aggregation and consolidation, meaning those inefficiencies and costs are surfaced and quickly eliminated, which, in turn, also helps the environment. This streamlines your supply chain and puts you into a position of control and leverage, ensuring on-time deliveries are achieved, along with improvements to customer commitments, balance sheet, cash flow, and P&L.

The challenge we solve: complexity and chaos.

The outcomes of our solution: Control, resilience, visibility.

The electronics supply chain is transforming

With unprecedented disruption in the global supply chain, as well as megatrends like digitalization and electrification, we are at the very heart of an evolving electronics industry. The reality is that your direct supply chain is increasingly complex, global, and outsourced. All this needs to be managed tightly to elevate your competitive position. But managing these increased, tactical, day-to-day activities is cumbersome and may impact your core competencies. That’s where Arrow Global Supply Chain Solutions comes in, allowing you to focus on the strategic needs that grow your business.

Our Supply-Chain-as-a-Service solution has been curated to give you immediate relief.

• Best-in-class customer service and global program management

• Industry-leading processes and systems backbone

• Full-service supply chain management (forecasts, orders, inventory, logistics, AR/AP, and returns)

• Secure warehouses located optimally around the world, supported by a global logistics network

• Crawl–walk–run approach for low-risk partner onboarding and scale

360˚of sensing and responding

Arrow holds a unique position in the center of the electronics supply chain, connected to suppliers and manufacturers across the globe. In this position, we keep a 360˚ view over what is to come and put that visibility and experience to work for you.


Leverage end-to-end electronics supply chain expertise

Supply-Chain-as-a-Service is an entire suite of capabilities brought together and served to you as a customized solution. Because we have managed the world’s largest electronics supply chain for 85 years, we have built up a competency that is unparalleled. When you are a partner of Arrow Global Supply Chain Services, you tap into a world of experience and expertise.

– Supply chain architecture
– Supply chain finance
– Customer service
– Planning
– Purchasing and assets
– Global trade compliance
– Transportation and logistics
– Warehouse
– Global tax
– Legal and contracts

Accelerating your digital supply chain journey

Supply-Chain-as-a-Service enables a connected supply chain ecosystem, and this is plug-and-play into your existing, or future, processes. Our clients are leveraging our software, data, and analytics solutions to help them make more informed decisions.

  • Our proprietary mobile-supported web application ensures your end users always have access to the supply chain data they need.
  • Our API library supports integration with your processes and systems like Business Intelligence, Advanced Planning Systems, ERP, and PLM.
  • Transactions are automated through B2B with EDI between Arrow Global Supply Chain Services and your partners.
  • Our Global Supply Chain Command Center in Denver, Colorado, brings together our entire supply chain data universe into an immersive experience.

The supply chain command center

Sustainability: building for the future — building for everyone’s future

Where your products come from matters. How they get to you matters. Planning to minimize waste matters. Arrow Global Supply Chain Services understands the many challenges of meeting sustainability goals. Our model enables an optimized electronics supply chain that increases efficiency, minimizes waste, improves footprint and transportation, and protects our planet.

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