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Analog Devices Puts Sensor Technologies in the Palm of Your Hand

Analog Devices’ broad portfolio of high performance sensors enables innovation in a vast array of applications.

Use Analog Devices’ Circuits from the Lab® in Your Next Design

Circuits from the Lab® from Analog Devices, are proven reference designs that have everything you need to solve even the most difficult design challenges that will enable you to go to production faster. This video shows you how to save time while lowering the risk in your circuit design. Watch the video to learn more.

The Building Blocks of the IoT with Analog Devices

Analog Devices develops products that bring the physical and digital world together. Through the Arrow Certification Program, entrepreneurs can get expert advice that will help them take their IoT design to the next level. Are you ready to bring your IoT idea to life?

Reference Designs for a Smart Greenhouse from Analog Devices

The Smart Greenhouse from Analog Devices uses three Arduino shield form factor reference designs supporting soil, moisture and pH measurements, light recognition and an LED driver function. The shields work with a variety of embedded platforms and are fully equipped for a quick evaluation. This video showcases how Analog Devices used these designs to create a Smart Greenhouse.

Analog Devices' ArrowSoCKit boards

As one of the premier SoC FPGA development boards on the market, the Altera Cyclone V based SoCKit is one of the best platforms for Cortex-A9 FPGA hardware design.