Transportation is more than just a means to an end — it’s the way forward, guiding us toward an electrified and intelligent future. As the industry transcends traditional automotive limits, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new age of movement.

Innovation for the road ahead

At Arrow, we’re not just along for the ride; we’re here to help you chart the path ahead. Guiding visions and empowering innovations, we’re with you at every turn, ensuring the road traveled isn’t just about reaching destinations—it’s about defining them.

Here for the How - Transportation


Electrification is reshaping the core of transportation. As we transition away from conventional combustion engines, a world of potential unfolds. With Arrow’s expertise, the journey into electrification is as seamless as it is revolutionary.

Intelligent transformation

Today, intelligence is the new horsepower. Vehicles are evolving swiftly, becoming hubs of innovation and connectivity. With Arrow by your side, transportation isn’t just modern — it’s leading the smart revolution.

From idea to impact

Your ideas deserve momentum. Arrow’s extensive experience and dedicated resources help expedite your process, ensuring innovations transition to the market swiftly and smoothly.

Powering possibility 

As technology and battery power has evolved so have our Light Electric Vehicles (LEV). At Arrow, we’re focused on powering the next generation of transportation. If it moves, we’re here to drive it into the future.

From farms to cities

Commercial and Agriculture Vehicles (CAV) perform arduous tasks for years at a time. From plowing fields to pouring concrete, Arrow will have your vehicle on the job for years to come. 

Why work with Arrow?

The evolving landscape of transportation presents unique challenges. At Arrow, our experience shapes our approach, aligning solutions with challenges. Bolstered by our global network and adaptive logistics, we’re dedicated to ensuring your momentum remains ever-evolving.

Trusted Expertise

Expedited time to market

Design services

Quality control


Manufacturing support

Scaling up to market

Supply Chain

More transportation solutions


As we approach the era of autonomous vehicles, evolving safety standards becomes paramount. From refining existing protocols to defining new ones, we’re at your side.

Inventory management

In a shifting product landscape, we deliver the exact components you need, precisely when needed, sourced with efficiency.

Automotive expertise

Whatever your vision, Arrow has the knowledge and automotive industry experience to help you achieve greater safety, efficiency, connectivity, and automation.

Global servicing

With offices, support teams and warehouses located around the world, Arrow works with you to help balance local needs with the power of global strategic partnerships.

Design solutions

Our experts work with your team to overcome complex design challenges as well as provide the best parts for the job – components that meet local, regional, and global standards.

Manufacturing logistics

Our global supply chain delivers maximum manufacturing uptime and efficiency. Our service programs and global warehousing ensure a smooth, integrated process no matter your location.

Post-sale support

Our prompt end-of-line notifications keep you apprised of components that may need to be sourced, stored and on-hand—so you can service products across their lifecycles.