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Arrow Electronics, Inc.
Distributeur Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is a leader in digital transformation that modernizes IT infrastructure with servers, storage, data protection and converged/HCI solutions.

Transforming the digital landscape worldwide


About Dell Technologies

On September 7, 2016, Dell and EMC joined forces in the largest technology merger in history to become Dell Technologies. Dell Technologies unites seven technology leaders – Dell, Dell EMC, Pivotal, RSA, Secureworks, Virtustream and VMware – in one company with the power to drive digital transformation and generate real results every day for the customers and people who partner with them.

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Arrow and Dell Technologies

As a distributor for Dell Technologies, Arrow is ideally placed to support the development of your business, with our comprehensive services, ranging from marketing and sales advice to certified training and enablement.

Together, Arrow and Dell have put in place programmes, support and where appropriate, funding, to make it as simple as possible for your business to participate and benefit fully from the opportunities these represent.

Arrow is always looking for the most valuable vendor resources to keep you informed on the latest IT trends and emerging opportunities, so you can maximise your Dell EMC business:


Dell Technologies product offerings

  • IT Transformation ‒ IT infrastructure is at the heart all transformations and creates the foundation for all high-value business capabilities. Dell offers everything from real-time product feedback and improvements, to customized services, to organization-wide efficiency.
  • Workforce Transformation ‒ Dell's devices, accessories and Smart Space technology lets people work the way they want. Meanwhile, Unified Workplace makes managing everything easier. It’s the industry’s first integrated solution for deployment, security and support of all end-point devices.
  • Security Transformation ‒ Transformed security will change the way you think of risk management. Instead of a necessity that creates limits, its an opportunity that eliminates them. Will Dell, you now can embrace emerging technologies and bold, new strategies with confidence, not fear, and focus on innovation and growth.
  • Application Transformation ‒ Software will define and differentiate every organization’s digital future. Enhanced customer experiences, hyper-tailored products, speed to market, and efficiency... virtually every core business advantage with be enabled by software.

Dell Technologies resources