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Open optical networking solutions and devices.

Expanding your network horizons


About Smartoptics

SmartOptics is a leading supplier of optical network solutions for both LAN, WAN and SAN environments based on Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). Products from SmartOptics remove complexity and provide simple and economically advantageous solutions in one or more data centers that can fully meet future scaling requirements from both LAN, WAN and SAN environments.

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Arrow and Smartoptics

In collaboration with SmartOptics, Arrow is able to rethink how networks should be built. We are at the forefront of new technologies and design options. Our solutions not only reduce costs for network expansion, but also increase the Quality of Service on all types of networks.


Smartoptics products

Passive Optical Networking

  • Maximize your fiber utilization with Smartoptics Multiplexers and OADMs. SmartOptics offers a powerful passive optical network that allows your customers to get the most out of their fiber network.

Transponders and Muxponders

  • SmartOptics offers a multi-faceted and scalable network extension. A range of high-density transponders and muxponders to suit all needs in today's optical networks. A platform optimized for open DWDM networking.


Smartoptics resources