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Arrow Electronics, Inc.


Unlock more recurring revenue by enhancing your security compliance services

Rise above the competition with Ostendio's integrated security & risk management platform for MSPs

About Ostendio

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) face a daunting task in today's market. With over 40,000 providers competing for business in a consolidating industry it becomes increasingly difficult to grow and scale your business.

Ostendio understands these challenges. For over ten years, Ostendio has helped MSPs expand from traditional onsite IT services to offering security & compliance services, which generate consistent recurring revenue.

With the Ostendio platform’s deep customization, advanced intelligence, and flexible controls, MSPs can gain the trust of clients and partners, leading to increased revenue and business growth. Choose Ostendio to secure your MSP's future and protect client data with ease.


View this brief video to see how Ostendio partners are benefiting from the Ostendio platform. 


Arrow and Ostendio

As an Arrow and Ostendio partner, it's easy to manage clients, drive growth and significantly increase revenue for your business, while streamlining security compliance for both you and your clients. 

Arrow and Ostendio help you monetize and scale your security, compliance and risk management services with confidence.  Our experts can help you scale complex security and compliance programs across multiple clients and security frameworks.

Arrow's knowledgeable and experienced team can help you build your security and compliance practice by providing:

  • Access to Ostendio experts for security framework domain support 
  • Ongoing training and certifications to equip Ostendio partners with the knowledge and expertise needed to sell and support more solutions across a range of vertical sectors and use cases 
  • Upsell opportunities with complementary solutions to complete Ostendio's offerings 
  • A full portfolio of consultancy services from pre-sales assessments to solution design, support and training 

Schedule a partner discovery call and let Arrow get you started with Ostendio today!


Ostendio's Security & Compliance Platform

Ostendio's platform provides dynamic functionality to engage and empower the people across an organization's ecosystem that have the greatest impact on a company’s ability to operate securely in complex environments.

Ostendio's platform features eight interconnected modules built to elevate and scale a company's security, ensuring the organization and its people are protected against real-world threats.

And with more than 200 compliance frameworks built directly into Ostendio, organizations can expand into new markets and opportunities without skipping a beat.

Why Arrow partners should care

1. Unlock new revenue and expand your suite of services
2. Help clients eliminate the risk of failing a security audit
3. Saves clients Up to 80% on audit prep time
4. Increase client retention by delivering security program efficiency



Arrow represents Ostendio in both the United States and Canada.

See what an Ostendio MSP partner has to say. View this short, two-minute video to hear a partner describe how the Ostendio platform helps streamline the security and compliance process.

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