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Public sector financing from Arrow Capital Solutions

Innovative financing solutions for the public sector


We specialize in flexible payment options that extend over multiple budget cycles for public sector, non-profit and educational customers, including federal, state, provincial and local governments, operating throughout North America.

As government agencies balance the complex IT requirements to support their missions, they face unprecedented challenges. Many IT initiatives have been reprioritized or even put on hold due to the budget and resource constraints. Arrow Capital Solutions, in partnership with immixGroup® (an Arrow company), has the tools and resources to keep agency IT initiatives on track with creative, flexible payment solutions.

Since 1997, government agencies have relied upon immixGroup® to supply IT products through contract vehicles and business partners. immixGroup's knowledge of the government acquisition process, ISO-certified business processes, and relationships with hundreds of hardware and software vendors and solution providers ensure you get reliable access to the products you need to reach your goals.


How our solutions support public sector customers:


  • Extensive knowledge of federal, state and local government and education procurement processes
  • Flexible payment options with monthly, quarterly or annual payments
  • Alignment of payments to budget availability, with payment deferrals
  • Select from traditional financing, leasing, or usage-based (variable, consumption, subscription) options
  • Streamlined contracts based on the transaction requirements
  • Bundle various products and services on a single contract
  • FAR compliance
  • Termination for convenience or non-appropriations (as applicable)
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Benefits to the State of California ordering agencies

Offer multi-year payment options on IT products to the State of California without a burdensome financing contract

  • Improved cash flow: By spreading out payments over multiple years, agencies can avoid large upfront costs and maintain better cash flow, potentially freeing up funds for other critical needs.
  • Improved budget predictability: Multi-year agreements lock in fixed annual payments, eliminating year-to-year budget fluctuations and simplifying fiscal planning. This promotes stability and allows for better allocation of resources. 
  • Reduced procurement costs and time: By leveraging existing statewide contracts, agencies can minimize the need for frequent procurement processes and save valuable staff time and resources. This avoids the need to review and sign an external financing contact.