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Usage-based financing from Arrow Capital Solutions

OpEx solutions that scale with end-user customer consumption.

Unlock the flexibility of usage-based consumption for your IT products and services


Arrow Capital Solutions offers usage-based (variable, consumption, subscription) options to provide end-user customers scalable payment methods to support their IT environments. Based on the products and services they choose, we work with our end-user customers and their channel partners to customize an elastic, on demand approach to utilizing and paying for their IT acquisitions. 

Our usage-base solutions are available on any IT product and/or service that can be monitored for usage such as storage, compute, security, infrastructure, licensing and others.

How it works



Our team works with you and your supplier to determine the optimal IT products and services, set the core capacity (minimum commitment) currently needed, and the variable (elastic) capacity needed to support your environment in the future. All IT products and services will be available at the start of usage-based engagement.


Recurring payments

Based on monitoring reports, each usage-based payment will include the end-customer's core and variable capacity usage during the billing period.


Add capacity as needed

At any time during the term of the contract, the end-customer can add capacity as needed to support its growth through simple change request documentation.

2023 ACS Variable Capacity
  • Core and variable capacity will be available at the start of your usage-based engagement.
  • Payments will automatically adjust over the contract term based on end-user usage of capacity.
  • The end-user customer's supplier(s) are funded 100% of the solution value upfront.
  • At the end of the contract term, end-customers can continue to use the solution on a month-to-month basis, lock in a fixed-term renewal, or return and refresh the solution.
  • Usage-based programs are designed as an OpEx solution and avoid a path to ownership.