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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Data intelligence

Actionable insights. Market-ready solutions. The tools to help your customers make smarter decisions faster.

Realize the potential of your data

The business outcomes your customers need start with data-driven insights.

Turn data intelligence into a competitive advantage

Welding robotics, digital manufacturing

Actionable insights

We’ll show you how to use data intelligence to anticipate market momentum, demands and adoption patterns. Uncover the insights your customers need to move their business forward.


Market-ready solutions

Deep data intelligence expertise and dedicated teams. Support from a broad portfolio of vendors. And the know-how to balance the latest technology with existing resources and budgets. It’s how we guide you to deliver solutions that power growth for you and your customers.


Relationships over transactions

Proactive instead of reactive. Relationships instead of requests. We can help you move away from a traditional IT sales approach to a more strategic, meaningful and continuous conversation with your customers.


Staying ahead of the curve

We’re continually evaluating potential vendors and onboarding the ones with leading data technology and services. This means innovative solutions for you and greater confidence as you guide your customers forward.

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