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Arrow Electronics, Inc.


DDN is a leading provider of intelligent technology and infrastructure solutions for enterprise at scale, AI and analytics.

Powerful data management solutions for AI, analytics and the cloud

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Who is DDN?

DDN is the world’s largest private data storage company and the leading provider of intelligent technology and infrastructure solutions for enterprise at scale, AI, analytics, HPC, government and academia customers. Through its DDN and Tintri divisions, the company delivers AI, data management software and hardware solutions, and unified analytics frameworks to solve complex business challenges for data-intensive, global organizations.

DDN provides its enterprise customers with the most flexible, efficient and reliable data storage solutions for on-premises and multi-cloud environments at any scale. Over the last two decades, DDN has established itself as the data management provider of choice for over 11,000 enterprises with government and public-sector customers, including many of the world’s leading financial services firms, life science organizations, manufacturing and energy companies, research facilities, and web and cloud service providers.


Arrow and DDN

Arrow's knowledgeable and experienced team can assist you in successfully selling and delivering DDN solutions. We offer help at every stage of the journey by:

  • Providing access to ideal target partners across SPs, CSPs and MSPs
  • Equipping you with the insights you need to sell more solutions across a range of sectors and several different use cases
  • Recommending complementary solutions to complete DDN's offerings
  • Generating demand with business development and tailored marketing campaigns
  • Offering a full portfolio of consultancy services from pre-sales assessments to solution design, support and training

Let Arrow get you started with DDN today!

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DDN product offerings

DDN’s A3I solutions enable instant and accurate insight for customers processing massive amounts of data. Gathering, accessing and processing this data quickly is a strategic imperative. Current IT systems are not designed for the complexities of AI. But, with A3I's AI-optimized Intelligent Infrastructure, data management risks are removed with efficiency and speed regardless of the size of the challenge.

DDN also offers high-performance NVMe and hybrid storage solutions designed for AI workloads, which require very high capacity (from 200 TB to 200+ PB) and very high throughputs (from 100 GB/sec to 2 TB/sec).

Unlike regular storage solutions, DDN storage appliances have no performance bottlenecks, so they can scale seamlessly to deliver consistent performance and low latency at all scales.

DDN powers 70% of the world’s top 100 supercomputers, and they are also the only storage provider to have validated reference architectures for both NVIDIA DGX™ POD and NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ systems. DDN was chosen for NVIDIA’s own AI Supercomputer implementations — SELENE and CAMBRIDGE-1.

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Complementary Arrow vendors

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Main competition

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  • Vast
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Ideal end-customer

  • Customers looking to build an AI center of excellence in areas such as video, imaging or NLP​

  • Customers that are sensitive to costs in the cloud and looking for end-to-end workflows at scale​

  • Customers with NVIDIA DGX A100

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Sales questions to ask end-customers

  • What are the objectives of your AI program, and how will your organization make use of those insights?​
  • Does your organization have a top-down AI strategy set from the executive level?​
  • Who are the internal customers for your AI initiatives, and what outcomes are they looking for?​
  • Where are you in your AI initiative? How many AI projects are there in your organization?​
  • Are you looking to build an AI Center of Excellence where you can consolidate AI resources and share best practice?​

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