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Partner programs from Arrow Capital Solutions

A strategic relationship that drives results.

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Why offer a financing solution?

According to the Equipment Leasing and Financing Association, 8/10 customers use financing solutions when acquiring technology products. Adding payment options to your toolbox can enable you to grow your business and increase your value to your customers at the same time.


Take advantage of Arrow Capital Solutions

As a global IT distributor, we're able to offer innovative buy now, pay later financing solutions with flexible terms to support your customers, help manage cash flow, enable sustained growth and protect margins — while mitigating financial risk.

Let Arrow customize a financing program that allows your sales team to focus on what they do best — getting your products into customers' hands.

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Financing solutions that support the speed of the IT channel

In today's fast-paced technology marketplace, you and your customers demand speedy and convenient financial solutions. Arrow Capital Solutions offers businesses the optimal financing solutions to help you take advantage of every opportunity and bolster long-term success. Learn how Arrow helped an MSP close a $48K deal in less than 24 hours at quarter end.

Benefits of working with Arrow Capital Solutions

Improve cash flow

  • You are paid upfront for the entire solution
  • Increase your credit capacity by leveraging Arrow Capital Solutions' credit line
  • Improve margins due to less discounting
  • Reduce days sales outstanding (DSO)

Reduce risk

  • Arrow assumes customer payment risk (non-recourse)
  • Arrow manages the entire transaction life cycle related to financing programs
  • Full revenue and margin recognition (consult your accounting firm)

Enable growth

  • No upfront investment alleviates sticker shock among your customers
  • Grow deal size by bundling various products and services into one solution
  • Include product sale and payment options on same contract
  • Potential to improve discounts from suppliers through multiyear engagements

Enhance selling motion

  • Help your customer answer the question "How do we pay for these products and services?"
  • Without financing options, discounting is the primary way to address budget and price concerns
  • Match customer payments to the benefits realized from their IT products

Build your own program

Our goal is to help you sell more. Explore our financing programs — let's work together to determine what scenario is best for your business needs.

  • Referral program: We will transact with you and your customers on a deal-by-deal basis leveraging our exceptional service and financial expertise. The entire customer experience will be Arrow branded.
  • Co-Brand program: Designed for channel partners who desire branding opportunities with their financial solution programs. We provide all the benefits included in the referral program plus co-branded enhancements.
  • Private label program: Designed for channel partners who desire a private label (i.e., self-branded) financial solutions program. We harness our best-in-class operational engine and deliver the entire customer experience under your branding. Use traditional documentation or let us embed financing terms and conditions within your sales quote to avoid the need for a separate financing or leasing agreement.

By providing your customers with multiple payment options, you can leverage new opportunities, retain existing customers, sell more product and increase your overall sales. Let us help you overcome cost objections by providing 100% upfront financing to you, while your customers make payments over multiple years. Armed with financing solutions from Arrow Capital Solutions, your customers will gain the use of the product they need today without diminishing their financial flexibility.

Since product sales are time sensitive and highly competitive, the ability to offer your customers an immediate payment plan will help you finalize more transactions, expand your business and get you paid in a timely manner.