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IBM Envizi

Designed to empower your customers to make impactful environmental, social and corporate governance (ESC) choices

The landscape and the challenges

Recent surveys show that CEOs understand that sustainability must be a priority for their organizations. Many are actively involved in the process because they believe it will accelerate business growth. Yet, obstacles still hold many leaders back from implementing meaningful initiatives.

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Here’s how Envizi enables customers to support sustainability


Turn complex data into a clear, actionable plan

With Envizi, clients can gain a clear understanding of their sustainability and compliance initiatives with carbon reporting and corporate social responsibility.


Control sustainability performance

Organizations can better control emissions and energy use, optimize operations through data analytics and set benchmarks to identify areas of improvement.


Measure, manage and improve

With the Envizi platform, clients can track the data, optimize their operations and save money.

The opportunity


Become your clients’ go-to IBM Envizi expert. By working with our Arrow team, you gain the knowledge and resources to help current customers and win over leads by teaching them how to overcome obstacles and positively impact the world around them. 

The product

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IBM Envizi: An enterprise software solution for sustainability

Envizi helps organizations reduce their carbon footprint, meet sustainability goals through data-driven insights and implement innovative management solutions.

  • Ease environmental, social and governance reporting
  • Enable GHG calculation and reporting
  • Achieve decarbonization targets
  • Engage multiple stakeholders to drive engagement

The Arrow advantage

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Arrow delivers comprehensive solutions and resources that drive revenue and customer success and help you sell more.

  • Using our pre-sales strategies, we will work to understand your go-to-market, enabling us to provide the right-sized solutions for your customers.
  • Our experienced team is strategically aligned with IBM and will work closely with you to understand your customers' unique challenges. That way you can create the optimal solutions that will drive business and help you close deals.

5 ways to win with Envizi

Become a dedicated resource to ESG services and Envizi software implementation

Offer service-oriented ESG services and consulting that clients often need

Simplify data complexities with Envizi's ability to manage large amounts of data

Gain sector knowledge by learning to speak the clients' language when it relates to their business

Obtain compliance experience to support clients’ reporting efforts

Are you ready to get started with IBM Envizi?

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Now you can grow your IBM business while helping your customers improve their global environmental impact. With IBM Envizi software, you can provide your clients with a single place to monitor, measure and manage operations, compliance and sustainability metrics.

So, are you ready to work with your dedicated Arrow IBM Envizi team?

We’re ready to help! Simply fill out this form, and our representative will contact you.

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