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Multiracial business team behind glass door
Success story

ArrowSphere helps startup NobleTec build its Microsoft CSP business

We like ArrowSphere for the simplicity, speed and customization — and for the support of the Arrow team. ”

Volodymyr Nikorich, vice president and managing partner at NobleTec
Multiracial business team behind glass door

The Situation

Founded in 2020, NobleTec is an IT service provider delivering industry-leading hardware, software and services to small and medium size businesses.

NobleTec is a startup built by highly seasoned leaders with decades of experience in the IT industry. As a reseller of IT solutions, they seek to differentiate themselves by providing superior service.

Given the subscription nature of many cloud products, they realized they could benefit from an easy-to-understand portal that was simple for their customers to use and self-manage, but capable of handling the complexities of cloud delivery and management. “We needed something to help us grow quickly, generate more business and more engagement with the customer. We needed that piece to grow our own business, as a startup,” said NobleTec vice president and managing partner, Volodymyr Nikorich.

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The Solution

NobleTec evaluated dozens of platforms and ultimately selected ArrowSphere, Arrow’s cloud delivery and business management platform, to help grow the budding business. They were particularly excited about leveraging ArrowSphere’s customer portal — a self-service, white-label marketplace that could provide their customers with greater autonomy.

“We picked Arrow because the platform is great. And we've already onboarded a couple hundred customers and every single person likes the platform,” Nikorich said. “We like ArrowSphere for the simplicity, speed and customization — and for the support of the Arrow team.”


The Outcome

“It’s been extremely successful,” Nikorich said. It has been so successful that licensing through ArrowSphere represents NobleTec’s largest monthly recurring revenue. They increased their recurring revenue by more than 10 times in just two years.

In addition to the value they place on the customer-facing portal, NobleTec really appreciates the ease of access and overall simplicity of ArrowSphere’s billing and reporting functionality.  “ArrowSphere makes it easy to understand, and find the information and reports that you need,” Nikorich said.

NobleTec is constantly growing and evolving its business and notes that Arrow is continuously making enhancements to ArrowSphere which complements their evolution. “The team is constantly adding new features and new ways to make our life easier. It’s never a stagnant process — the team is very responsive and helping to make it better.”

NobleTec’s customer base continues growing rapidly. As an IT distributor, Arrow provides Tier 2 support that helps the startup manage that growth and scale. “When my team cannot figure something out, I have access to hundreds, if not thousands, of Microsoft engineers through Arrow.” They attribute their competitive pricing in large part to working with Arrow. “I don’t have the overhead. I don’t have to hire 100 engineers to maintain that API. Arrow does the Microsoft integration for me.”

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