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ThinkOn Solutions

ThinkOn provides flexible, cost-effective virtual machine management

May 09, 2024

ThinkOn's Multi-Tenant Cloud (IaaS) allows flexible assembly of compute units in virtual data centers (VDCs), that enable unrestricted creation of virtual servers in various configurations. Users can freely allocate compute units to their VDC resource pool, with resources and OS licenses contracted upon purchase. This service provides a cost-effective solution for allocating resources to VDCs without constraining customer builds. 

With the ability to freely allocate and reallocate compute units, customers can manage their VMs efficiently. ThinkOn's transparent pricing and user-friendly interface contrast with Hyperscalers' increasing costs and complexity, making it a compelling choice for transitioning to cloud infrastructure. 

Key features

  • Ease of use: ThinkOn manages everything from the hypervisor down to accelerate delivery and minimize risk with less hassle. 
  • Flexible resource allocation: Each compute unit includes 1 GHz of processing and 2GB of RAM allocated to the virtual data center (VDC). There are no limitations on how resources can be allocated. 
  • Self-serve portal: To facilitate management of the Multi-Tenant Cloud infrastructure, access to VMware Cloud Director is included. This allows end users to manage their own workloads, including all underlying CPU, RAM and storage resources. 
  • Trusted and secure: Your data protection, privacy and compliance are our top priority. ThinkOn is ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018 and SOC 2 Type II CSA Star Level 1 Certified, PCI DSS compliant and is a part of Government of Canada's PBMM Cloud Framework Agreements.

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For detailed information on this new Arrow and ThinkOn offering, contact your Arrow Partner Manager

For detailed information on ThinkOn solutions, view the Arrow ThinkOn line card page and read the ThinkOn Multi-Tenant Cloud Sell-Sheet.

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