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Arrow Electronics, Inc.
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Overcoming the growth conundrum: A conversation between IDC and Arrow

May 01, 2024

Featuring guest speaker Steve White, Program Vice President, Channels and Alliances at IDC 


IT solution and service providers play a pivotal role in the digital economy. To succeed, they need a platform for managing all their customers and vendors in one place.  

In this webcast, IDC analyst Steve White explains the challenges and opportunities faced by both solution providers and their customers, and Arrow’s Shannon McWilliams explains how a powerful digital platform can act as a force multiplier to scale your business. 

“IDC does a global customer survey every 2-3 months on various topics, and understanding current customer risk factors is a question we ask, and are sharing here… inflation, ongoing recession concerns… 

…We think customers are straddling the economic issues versus promise of technology gains, in particular being driven right now by…”

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