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Your guide in new and emerging technologies

juni 09, 2022 | Kristin D. Russell

Distribution’s role in the technology value chain

Technology is not becoming simpler — it’s becoming more complex. New products, solutions, providers and vendors are constantly changing and — as a result — the expectations and demands of end customers are changing, too.

As new technologies arrive and mature at a dramatic pace, the role and importance of IT distributors in the technology value chain has been a topic of discussion. Market reach, high costs of direct selling, a declining price curve, intense competition, go-to-market efficiency, and ecosystem support are just a few reasons for increased reliance on distribution channels. Simultaneously, IT providers value the one-stop-shop and support experiences that distributors provide as they build new technology solutions and enable more channel partners.

The primary role of IT distribution has been longstanding — to provide added value to the entire go-to-market channel — but IT providers and vendors are seeking new advantages through distribution in the current market. Let’s look at several ways distribution is adapting to help keep you informed and navigate new and emerging technologies.

Manoeuvring the ecosystem complexities

The technology landscape is getting more and more complicated every day. IT providers and their customers must navigate several disparate domains to make technology choices that are the best fit for their desired business outcome application. This can be very difficult as they must deal with multiple technology vendors, feature sets, deployment and consumption models, and even limited product availability. Adding to the complexity is an ever-changing technology landscape. Distributors can simplify the process — helping vendors expand their sales to penetrate near markets while at the same time, help IT providers and channel partners grow their business.

Understanding the technologies and solutions that complement each other

The applications for technology-driven transformation have exploded over the last decade. There are simply too many ways technology is being deployed for vendors to adequately support you and your customers. Domain expertise, geographic proximity, field application support, and capabilities to support your customers through their specific product life cycle are crucial for success in the marketplace. With a staff of in-house technology experts who stay informed on ever-evolving technologies and understand what solutions work well together, distributors have the reach, depth and breadth to provide exceptional service — and they can help take the guesswork out of technology decisions.

Augmenting your capabilities with value-added services

You and your customers have unique needs. Some of these needs are not technology related. Logistical support, financing, deployment support, new product introduction support, field upgrades on legacy install base — these are just a few examples that require services dependent on your in-house capabilities. Distributors make the biggest impact by being a strategic guide that supports you through the technology cycle and your unique business needs.

Let Arrow be your guide

As an innovative IT distributor, Arrow is focused on guiding continuous growth for the entire ecosystem. We strive to deliver increased value every day. We offer deep technical expertise, innovative, real-world solutions and digital offerings, including ArrowSphere:

  • ArrowSphere: Manage, scale and differentiate your business leveraging our cloud delivery and management platform

These are just a few ways we bring value across the channel, and I look forward to supporting current and future IT providers and vendors as we continue to navigate the complex — at times, unpredictable — technology landscape.

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Grow your business with Arrow

Find the right solutions. Simplify your operations. Let Arrow be your guide to innovation.

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