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Arrow Electronics, Inc.
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Operational efficiency

High-velocity, accurate and efficient order processing through automation, quality controls, compliancy and global delivery.

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Consistent excellence

The bar is high. Through technology — including APIs, EDIs, robotics and automation — we drive velocity of orders. B2B connections with vendors enable us to transfer information between vendors and Arrow at lightning speed. Product availability and other order details are routinely validated during every step of the ordering process — ensuring orders can be processed quickly, accurately and without an issue.

Our exceptional track record includes:

  • 550K successful managed sales orders per year
  • 500 complex international delivery projects per year related to 1,200 sales orders and 160+ countries

We consistently monitor KPIs and benchmark them to deliver high SLAs:

  • Order receipt to system entry below 4 hours
  • Average clean order entry time
  • % of unclean orders resolved below 12, 24 and 48 hours
  • # of orders not processed below 12, 24 and 48 hours
  • Dashboarding of transaction time versus SLA
  • Tracking of case in query as percentage of total orders

Every event that happens in the life cycle of an order is closely monitored. Arrow provides access to dashboards and tools to help you track the flow of order processing with a high level of detail and accuracy.

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Quality and transparency

Quality considerations begin right at the get-go. From the moment you initiate a quote, Arrow performs rigorous inspections and checks that we continue throughout the order process. This provides you with order transparency and assures we’re able to process the order before going too far.

With approximately 2 million active SKUs in our system, we’re constantly maintaining and enriching this data. Everything is referenced and meticulously tracked to ensure compliance and put you at ease.

Compliancy is foundational to our go to market, and we continually ensure full compliance with all regulations, including:

  • Dangerous goods (Directive 2012/45/EU)
  • EU Batteries Directive (Directive 2013/56/EU)
  • EU Packaging Directive (Directive 94/62/EC)
  • Reach and Scip Regulations
  • Rohs
  • Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment
  • Intrastat regulations
  • EU Taric Code
  • Conflict Minerals
  • End use and Compliance Certificate
  • Foreign Corrupt Policy Act and Anti-Bribery Act
  • Supply Chain Act (DE)



Complex global delivery — simplified

Managing deliveries can quickly become cumbersome and costly. From value-added tax to trade regulations to customs and insurance, shipping gets even more complex when multiple international locations are involved. Arrow enables you to realise greater efficiency in your approach to delivery. With coverage across 160+ countries, our flexible solutions make shipping and deployment easier and more streamlined.

  • Economy service
  • Premium service
  • All-inclusive service (DDP)
  • Customer-owned product delivery service
  • Local-to-local (L2L) service
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