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Arrow Electronics, Inc.
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Modern data centre

We’ve optimised the data centre, so you can evolve the way you and your customers grow.

The Arrow difference

By changing how data centres operate, we’re improving how IT services are delivered and consumed.

Five elements of the modern data center


Building at scale

We’re combining virtualisation of compute resources and hyper-converged technologies to build infrastructure at scale.

More About Compute

Simplifying migration

Migrate from hardware to a cloud-first solution and optimize your storage with virtualisation.

More About Virtualisation

Securing critical infrastructure

No longer an add-on at the perimeter, we’re embedding security into the very fabric of the data centre.

More About Security

Optimising storage

Pool capacity. Identify new efficiencies. Match workloads to the best resources for the job. We make data retention smarter.

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Empowering networks for collaboration

We’re enabling networks and applications to collaborate seamlessly. The end result? Optimised resources and better quality of service.

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How we help IT providers


Tailoring solutions for your customers

With automation, flexible platforms and hybrid IT, we can help you better manage data and solve problems. That means smarter solutions for your customers.

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Simplifying the complex

Infrastructure can get complex, fast. Our teams provide deep technical expertise and work with you to understand your customers' unique challenges. We keep it as simple as possible so you can offer your customers straightforward solutions. 

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How we help vendors

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Increasing your reach

Global network. Local expertise. We connect you to the right data center insights, markets, IT service providers and complementary storage, network, compute and virtualisation vendors, so that you are well-positioned to expand your reach and enter new markets.

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Bolstering your sales motion

We’re more than a distributor – we’re a catalyst for growth. Leverage our expertise in configuring solutions, price, quick quotes and fast-track ordering to get to market faster, expand the reach of your data centre solutions and bolster your sales motion.