Analog Devices Pmod Daughter Cards

Analog Devices' Pmod board portfolio encompasses proven reference designs ("Circuits from the Lab"), sensors, and data converters.

Featured List of  "Circuits from the Lab" Pmod Connectors

Board Part #  Description 


A completely isolated low power PH sensor signal conditioner and digitizer with automatic temperature 
compensation for high accuracy 


Processes ±10V input signals using a single 3.3V supply. The total error after room temperature calibration is less than ±0.1% FSR over a ±10˚C temperature change, making it ideal for a wide variety of industrial measurements


Processes 4 mA to 20 mA input signals using a single 3.3 V supply. The total error after room temperature calibration is ±0.06% FSR over a ±10°C temperature change, making it ideal for a wide variety of industrial measurements


Processes the output of a PT100 RTD and includes an innovative circuit for lead-wire compensation using a standard 3-wire connection 


A relative humidity sensing circuit which can be connected up to any Pmod compatible host controller board 


A fully isolated conductivity measurement data acquisition system 


A low power multi-channel thermocouple measurement system with cold junction compensation 


A low power signal conditioner for resistive bridge type sensors and includes a temperature compensation channel 


An electrochemical gas sensing signal conditioning solution, designed to work with many electrochemical gas sensors down to resolutions of 1 part per million (ppm) 


A 4 mA-to-20 mA current loop transmitter for communication between a process control system and its actuator 
EVAL-CN0216-PMDZ  A precision weigh scale signal conditioning system. Ultralow noise, low offset voltage, and low drift amplifiers are used at the front end for amplification of the low-level signal from the load cell 


Featured List of Data Converter Pmod Connectors

Board Part # Description
EVAL-AD7942-PMDZ  14-Bit, 250 kSPS PulSAR®, pseudo differential ADC in MSOP/LFCSP 
EVAL-AD7946-PMDZ  14-Bit, 500 ksPS PulSAR® ADC in MSOP 
EVAL-AD7685-PMDZ  16-Bit, 250 ksPS PulSAR® ADC in MSOP/QFN 


500 ksPS 16-Bit PulSAR® A/D converter in MSOP/QFN 


16-Bit, 1.5 LSB INL, 250 ksPS PulSAR® differential ADC in MSOP/QFN 


500 ksPS 16-Bit DIfferential PulSAR® A/D converter in µSOIC/QFN


18-Bit, 1.5 LSB INL, 400 kspS PulSAR® differential ADC in MSOP/QFN 


18-Bit, 1.5 LSB INL, 250 ksPS PulSAR® differential ADC in MSOP/QFN 


16-Bit, ±0.5 LSB, 500 kSPS PulSAR® differential A/D converter in MSOP/QFN 


16-Bit, 1 MSPS, PulSAR® ADC in MSOP/LFCSP 


18-Bit, 1 MSPS PulSAR® 7 mW ADC in MSOP/LFCSP 


16-BIt, 1.33 MSPS PulSAR® ADC in MSOP/QFN 


18-Bit, 1.33 MSPS PulSAR® 10.5 mW ADC in MSOP/QFN 


16-Bit, 100ksps, ultra-low power 16-Bit SAR ADC 


16-Bit, 500ksps, ultra-low power 16 bit SAR ADC 



1. List of Intel boards with the Pmod connector


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