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Reinventing data management

Reinventing data management

About Cohesity

Cohesity provides an end to end data protection portfolio that simplifies and consolidates complex and siloed data infrastructure.

Cohesity consolidates all data, workloads and apps onto a single scalable platform which integrates natively with cloud platforms. Cohesity offers data tiering, replication, backup, archiving and test and development, all managed through a real time, machine learning enabled dashboard.

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Arrow and Cohesity

Arrow’s knowledgeable and experienced modern data centre team can offer advice and guidance on Cohesity’s data protection solutions and help partners identify opportunities. 

Arrow adds further value to Cohesity partners by:

  • Equipping Cohesity partners with the knowledge and expertise they need to sell more solutions across a range of sectors and in a number of different use cases
  • Recommending complementary solutions to complete the Cohesity offering
  • Identifying target customers and generating demand with business development and tailored marketing campaigns
  • Offering a full portfolio of consultancy services from pre-sales assessments to solution design, project management, support and training.
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Cohesity product offerings

Protect all workloads, simplify management and reduce costs

By consolidating backup, target storage, proxy and media servers and cloud gateway functions into a single solution, Cohesity eliminates legacy infrastructure and reduces the cost of ownership.

Cohesity allows administrators to assign policies and automate operations through its unified user interface and supports a broad range of applications, databases, virtual and physical workloads, storage and public cloud environments.

  • Backup and Recovery: Cohesity backup and recovery is built for next generation businesses and brings all workloads together onto a single web-scale platform, managed through a simple user interface. Backups are simple to manage, can be automated according to policies, and files can be recovered to any point in time instantly.
  • DR and Replication: Cohesity enables replication across a company’s whole environment, from any cloud or on-premises, and offers near-instant recovery to any location.

    Replication can be a whole site to a new site, from one to many, or from many to one. It can be policy-based and automated to ensure retention objectives are met and data can be replicated to a new system for testing or development work.

    Cohesity’s DR and replication solutions are all managed through the same single user interface, for simplicity and consistency.

  • Scale-out Storage: Cohesity offers a software-defined, smart file and object storage solution, which is scalable, secure, maximises capacity efficiencies and offers the same intuitive user interface for simplified management.

  • Security and Compliance: Cohesity’s backup snapshots can be used to expose security vulnerabilities and asses a company’s risk posture and its multi-layered security solution uses machine-driven intelligence capabilities to detect anomalies, locking them out before they can do any damage. Near instant recovery means no downtime even in the event of a threat.

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