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A global leader in innovative network intelligence and security solutions.

Leading innovative network intelligence and security solutions

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About Allot Communications

Allot Communications is a leading global provider of intelligent broadband solutions that put mobile, fixed and enterprise networks at the center of the digital lifestyle. Allot’s unique blend of innovative technology, proven know-how and collaborative approach to industry standards and partnerships enables service providers worldwide to elevate their role in the digital lifestyle ecosystem and to open the door to a wealth of new business opportunities. By offering reseller partners high-performance platforms, centralised subscriber management and value-added service enablers, Allot forms a tightly integrated portfolio of products focused on providing cost-savings and revenue-generating solutions.

Allot product offerings

The Allot Secure platform is a security service delivery solution that unifies network-based security, home gateway security and security clients into a cohesive, branded service. Allot Secure also protects your customer’s network user plane. It detects and mitigates both inbound and outbound DDoS threats and prevents connected IoT devices from launching malicious traffic through the network.

Allot was also specifically chosen by Broadcom as the recommended vendor offering a transition from the Symantec PacketShaper product to the Allot Secure Service Gateway (SSG).

The Secure Service Gateway is the perfect replacement solution for migrating from Symantec PacketShaper. The SSG assures an excellent ‘Digital Experience’ when migrating from PacketShaper, enabling control of application and online service performance to meet business priorities.

Key Benefits of the Allot SSG

  • Improves IT and Business Efficiency - Monitors Digital Experience of employees & customers and assures top priority of business-critical applications.
  • Business Continuity and Reputation - Powerful web security and DDoS protection identifies attacks within seconds, before they affect your business.
  • Minimises Revenue Loss - Root cause of network & application issues is identified rapidly, enabling prompt action before network failure

Related Solutions

    • Digital Experience Monitoring - Ensures consistent and excellent digital experience for your online services and business-critical applications.
    • Traffic Intelligence and Monitoring Tools - See how your important applications are performing and identify the demands on your network
    • QoE & Application Control - Assure the performance of your important applications
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Arrow and Allot

Arrow’s expertise and understanding of the security market ensures that we only work with the world’s most innovative and complimentary vendors. We choose solutions which will expand our channel partners’ product portfolios and improve revenue opportunities whilst ensuring customer satisfaction.

Allot’s market-leading traffic intelligence and security solutions are the perfect additions to the Arrow Security and Networking portfolio.

Arrow adds further value to the Allot partners by:

  • Providing anytime access to pre and post-sales expertise, along with a dedicated quotes team
  • Giving access to Authorised Training from Arrow Education Services
  • Access to the Allot Partner Programme
  • Rewarding results and fostering growth
  • Recommending complementary solutions to complete the Allot offering
  • Generating demand with tailored sales and marketing campaigns
  • Responding quickly to partner needs

Let Arrow get you started with Allot today!

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