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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

Arrow’s cloud object storage for backup

Bringing powerful features to securing data with simplicity

Safeguard your data in the cloud

Designed with scalability and simplicity at its core, Arrow offers a highly resilient object storage solution with unlimited capacity that empowers businesses to effortlessly backup large volumes of data to the cloud.


Cost-effective and scalable solution

Arrow’s cloud object storage for backup is a robust archiving offering designed to keep your customers’ data safely stored in a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable cloud-based solution. Data is safeguarded in IBM data centres, providing an extra layer of protection while making it possible to restore needed data from backup copies with long retention.

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One all-inclusive price

Based on a pay-as-you-go model, Arrow’s cloud object storage for backup offers you simple and transparent pricing with no hidden or variable costs. You only pay for the terabytes used across the month.


One portal

Arrow’s cloud object storage for backup consists of one management system. Select data centre locations for administration of all data buckets, view data usage and set up new customers in one, easy-to-use portal.


Data centres

Data security is a priority, and with our service, data is stored in IBM data centres across the globe that meet the highest security standards and are GDPR compliant. Furthermore, all data centres are minimum tier-3 classified, ensuring service continuity with highest reliability and performance, while offering flexible scalability with 99.99% data durability. Check out data centre locations and features provided by Arrow’s cloud object storage for backup.

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