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Lenovo offers innovative devices, services and solutions that help businesses thrive today and tomorrow.

Smarter technology for all

Solving really big challenges with smarter solutions | Meet Lenovo

About Lenovo Lenovo

About Lenovo

Lenovo is an iconic technology company that has been manufacturing computes since 1984. Having acquired its hardware business from IBM, Lenovo boasts nearly 25% market share globally. With 331 World Records in workload performance, Lenovo's technology and insight leadership are powering the Smarter Technology for All.

As a leading global computer maker, Lenovo is also known for delivering best-in-class customer support and after-sales service. Lenovo's loyal customer base speaks volumes about the company's commitment to being your best option.

Lenovo's story has always been about shaping computing intelligence to create a better world. With the world's widest portfolio of technology products, Lenovo delivers end-to-end infrastructure solutions and software. Looking for an "Opex" solution? Check out Lenovo's TruScale (XaaS delivered on premises) for the ultimate in flexibility and value.


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Arrow and Lenovo

Arrow's innovative team can help you source, sell and deliver Lenovo's solutions and more. For instance, did you know that Arrow sells VMware licenses through Lenovo and offers competitive pricing and support?

Arrow supports customers at every stage of their journey by:

  • Creatively sourcing the best products and paired up with the Lenovo brand (VMware, Nutanix, NetApp, Intel, AMD and more)
  • Providing access to trusted partners across all georgraphies
  • Recommending complementary solutions to complete Lenovo's offerings
  • Generating demand with business development and tailored marketing campaigns
  • Offering a full portfolio of services from pre-sales assessments to solution design, support, training and affordable financing

Let Arrow get you started with Lenovo today!


Lenovo product offerings

  • Servers: Lenovo's servers are designed with low setup costs, reduced complexity, and easy scalability for large data centers and small businesses. 
  • Storage and data management solutions: Lenovo's enterprise-grade storage solutions adapt to growing virtual environments, fit into existing budgets, and ensure data is ready when needed.
  • Data Center Software Applications: Pair Lenovo servers, storage, and networking systems with software that creates the right solution for your workloads and your business.
  • VMware solutions: Modernize your infrastructure with a more flexible and responsive system that includes VMware virtualization and multi-cloud offerings from Lenovo.
  • Premier support services: Take advantage of direct access to hardware and software needs.
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Lenovo Partners – North America

Join Lenovo's partner program and grow your business. The Lenovo 360 Partner Hub features:

  • Discounts for deal registration that protect partners
  • Technical support and trainings to help you sell more
  • Certifications and accreditations through Lenovo to level up in the program
  • Find out more by registering here: Lenovo Partner Hub

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