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Arrow Electronics, Inc.
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Arrow's Solutions Lab

Discover, design, demo. Business outcomes realized with the right technology solutions.

Take the guesswork out of technology decisions

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New location. Enhanced experience. Cutting-edge technology.

Arrow's Solutions Lab

Welcome to Arrow's Solutions Lab — a dynamic hybrid cloud infrastructure where you can design, build, demonstrate and integrate IT solutions. Based in the Atlanta metropolitan area, our new colocation is a reliable and secure space to drive digital transformation and build customer confidence.

Key features

  • Data center footprint: 140,000+ square feet
  • 50,000 square feet of raised floor
  • Power density: 150+ watts per square foot
  • Supports high-density deployments
  • 100% SLA on power, cooling, network bandwidth
  • 100% network SLA
  • 6 mw critical load-ups capacity
  • 100 GBPS network backbone
  • Emergency preparedness with data recovery and continuity solutions
  • Secure colocation
  • Direct hyperscaler onramp
  • High-speed, reliable connectivity
  • N+1 cooling redundancy

Test, prove and create new technology

Change is difficult — and technology adoption is a perfect example of large-scale change. Before investing in modern technology, you need to be confident that you are making an informed decision and that the technology of choice will stand up to the unique needs of your customers.

Arrow's Solutions Lab simulates a real-world environment so that you can mix and match different components and test designed solutions before buying. Gain hands-on experience through product demonstrations, proofs of concept, innovation and integration with multi-vendor solutions, as well as training and enablement. 


Collaborate with our technical experts

Personalized experience paired with in-depth technical knowledge. Arrow's Solutions Lab facilitates collaboration and gives you hands-on experience across a wide range of technology topics — from IoT and cloud, to security, DevOps, big data and beyond. Work in person or virtually with our expert engineers and best-of-breed equipment to find answers for reducing IT complexity and increasing efficiency through end-to-end solutions. Discover how to augment your own knowledge base in order to better guide your customers through the intricacies of design and implementation.

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Ten ways to benefit from Arrow's Solutions Lab

Maximize the opportunity

Realize technology-driven outcomes at Arrow's Solutions Lab. When you engage with the lab, Arrow can help you:

  1. Accelerate sales
  2. Leverage Arrow’s technical experience across portfolios
  3. Demo products and solutions
  4. Simulate real-world scenarios and proof-of-concepts
  5. Stay current with industry offerings and solutions
  6. Leverage an integrated cloud infrastructure to enable digital transformation
  7. Evaluate current architectures and identify technical refresh opportunities
  8. Increase skills by using Arrow’s training environment
  9. Prove business outcomes
  10. Prepare for your own custom deployments

Arrow's Solutions Lab

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Visit Arrow's Solutions Lab

Test and validate traditional and emerging applications in a hybrid multicloud environment. Configure and test any complex data center or hybrid multicloud scenario. Whether in-person or virtual, you’ll experience a consistent level of service in a world-class environment.

Arrow supports partners in delivering the most effective results for your customers and we are proud to offer complimentary access to our state-of-the-art Solutions Lab. Watch the video to learn more.