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From SecOps to FinOps to GreenOps, ArrowSphere Cloud adopts industry best practices to provide you the insights needed to help your customers fully optimize their cloud activity.

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Security dashboard

Increase protection

Identify vulnerabilities. Quickly spot the top issues your customers are facing and how to remediate them. Make strategic recommendations for greater protection. ArrowSphere Cloud’s security dashboard provides data and monitoring that allows you to constantly pulse the security posture of all your customers. Check out the amazing dashboard features:

  • Globally score your customer accounts in a single KPI
  • Identify top issues affecting your customers
  • Get a granular view at the individual customer level
  • Pinpoint which customers are excelling and which need improvements to their security posture
  • Compare security performance trends over time
Cost optimization dashboard

Identify savings

Get a comprehensive view of all your customers. Drill into the details. ArrowSphere Cloud’s cost optimization dashboard makes recommendations to increase your savings.

  • Get a global view of all your customers’ potential savings and trends over time
  • Dig into individual customer’s cloud usage and identify opportunities to optimize their cloud spend
Sustainability dashboard

Enable ecofriendly usage

Assess your customers’ carbon footprint. Help them move closer to their environmental and sustainability goals. The sustainability dashboard provides the data you need to make strategic recommendations around cloud usage.

  • Get a snapshot of carbon emissions and emission trends over time
  • Assess the carbon impact of customers
  • Better understand carbon emission through cloud usage
  • Capture data required for validating regulatory compliance