Vishay Display Technology

From OLEDs to LCDs, Vishay Ups the Game on Display Technology

Vishay offers several different display options, ranging from simple backlit monochrome liquid crystal displays, to incredibly thin and bright OLED-based screens. No matter your needs or application, Vishay has a display that will give your design a clear way to communicate.

For this Arrow Products Insights, we present a wide array of display products from Vishay Dale.   Display products provide the human to machine interface.  Simple display models convey information visually in the form of characters or graphics.  More complex models are capable of displaying information and receiving human input buy use of touch panels.  Vishay Dale can provide standard, modified, or custom display options. 

Vishay Dale’s monochrome LCD’s, liquid crystal displays, are available in both character and graphic modules.  For the character modules the standard LCD formats range from 8x2 to 40x4 and many backlight and LCD combinations are available for specific combinations. 

The LCD graphics modules have standard matrix sizes ranging from 122x32 to 320x 240 which is the QVGA or quarter video graphics array.   Supplementing the standard sizes these modules have customer design capabilities for adding headers, back light cables, heaters, four wire resistant touch panels, and both custom module and glass designs. 

Vishay Dale also offers displays using the technology of VATN, Vertically Aligned Twisted Nematic technology.  VATN is a newer type of LCD technology that has cutting edge features, which offer industrial LCD displays of wider viewing angle. 

Color TFT or Thin-Film-Transistor is another display technology from Vishay.   Standard sizes are available with formats of 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch, 5.7 inch, 7.0 inch, 8.0 inch, 19.2 inch, and 12.1 inch with other sizes in development.  Most of the TFT models are offer with or the SSD1963 controller along with options for resistive or capacitive touch panels and sunlight readable backlights.

 Vishay Dale’s OLED’s, organic light emitting diodes make an excellent choice for integration into new products given their key advantages including, extra thin with no backlight required, having a wide temperature range from -40 degrees Celsius to 80 Celsius, high brightness up to 200 nits, a viewing angle of 160 degrees in all directions, 1/10th the power consumption of a backlit LCD display, a high contrast ratio of the minimum of 2001, and a faster response time of only 10 micro seconds at lower temperatures.

 Additionally, Vishay Dale also offers custom capabilities for all development levels of monochrome LED’s and OLED products.  Such customer capability include a wide temperature range, display mounting and termination, viewing direction, back lighting and custom character and icons.  Vishay Dale’s engineering resources are available for assistance with your product designs and ideas.  For more information on the latest products join us for the next Arrow product insights. 

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