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The apex of collaborative innovation: Delivering value tailored to specifications

Step into the future of aerospace and defense technology, where breakthroughs are powered by our unparalleled commitment to excellence. For over 30 years, the Zeus Team at Arrow Electronics has been the trusted source for semiconductor and IP&E components, playing a pivotal role in the dynamic evolution of the 21st-century aerospace and defense industry. Explore a legacy built on reliability and innovation — ensuring mission success when failure is not an option!

Ahead by design: Anticipating aerospace and defense market trends, embracing future technology

At Arrow, “Five Years Out” is more than a motto, it’s an expectation. Our Zeus team thrives in strategic futurism by combining unrivaled expertise with a pioneering passion for emerging aerospace and defense technologies. We invest in dynamic markets like electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL), space exploration, and low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to contribute to the shaping of a brighter future for humanity and continued innovation for generations to come.

Verifiable quality

Whether in commercial aviation or space travel, having technology you can rely on is mission critical. For this reason, we are your firewall against counterfeit and low-quality aerospace and defense components — mitigating authenticity risks through supplier-direct information concerning engineering changes, lifecycle changes, and lead time.

Unrivaled lifecycle management

  • •  Comprehensive services covering aerospace and defense lifecycle management
  • •  Tailored support for aerospace supply chain solutions, engineering, technology lifecycle intelligence, and more
  • •  Access to our team for consultation and collaboration
  • •  Innovative use of big aerospace and defense data for superior analysis

As a global leader in electronics supply chain solutions, Arrow serves as your trusted partner for aerospace and defense technology.

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