Sub-GHz SoCs extend wireless range

An EDN article by Susan Nordyk

Silicon Labs’ FG23 and ZG23 low-power wireless SoCs enable IoT end nodes to achieve wireless communication beyond 1 mile. What’s more, they do so while operating on a coin cell battery for 10+ years. Expanding the company’s Series 2 platform, the FG23 and ZG23 devices offer multiprotocol sub-1-GHz connectivity options supporting a wide range of modulation schemes and advanced wireless technologies, including Amazon Sidewalk, mioty, Wireless M-Bus, Z-Wave, and proprietary IoT networks.

The FG23 and ZG23 SoCs provide ultra-low-power transmit and receive radio power: 13.2 mA TX at 10 dBm and 4.2 mA RX at 920 MHz. They also deliver best-in-class RF: +20 dBm output power and -125.3 dBm RX at 868 MHz, 2.4-kbps GFSK. Both components leverage Secure Vault IoT security technology with Arm PSA Certified Level 3 status. Secure Vault protects IoT products against software and hardware attacks that can compromise intellectual property, ecosystems, and brand trust.

FG23 targets Amazon Sidewalk, industrial IoT, smart city, and building/home automation markets. It has a flexible antenna diversity feature that enables a wireless link budget of -111.2 dBm RX at 920 MHz, 50-kbps GFSK. Low active current of 26 µA/MHz and sleep mode consumption of just 1.2 µA make the SoC suitable for battery-powered field area network nodes and wireless sensors.

ZG23 enhances Z-Wave wireless by adding Secure Vault and offers the same RF and power performance as the FG23. Supporting Z-Wave long range and mesh, the ZG23 can be used for both end devices and gateways. It also supports all FG23 protocols.

FG23 SoCs are available now in QFN40 and QFN48 packages. Prices for FG23 development kits start at $39.99. ZG23 SoCs and accompanying development kits will be available in Q4 2021.

FG23/ZG23 product page

Silicon Labs

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