Nichicon’s new Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries developed for maintenance-free applications as well as latest IoT & energy harvesting solutions.

The new SLB technology allows an operation at a nominal voltage of 2.4V. Using LTO as electrode material allows an increased level of safety as well as other technical benefits.

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The small lithium-ion secondary batteries developed by NICHICON are cylindrical, based on the same structure as our electric double layer capacitor and consist of positive and negative electrodes, a separator, electrolytic solution and exterior housing materials. Using the SLB technology allows key features such as:

   (1) Very high rate of charge/discharge performance of up to 20C
   (2) Increased cycle life of more than 25,000 charge/discharge cycles at 10C rate
   (3) Enhanced charging performance at low operation temperature of -30’C
   (4) Extremely low possibility of explosion or ignition for usages under harsh conditions

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SLB03070LR35     SLB08115L140     SLB12400L151

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