Mixed-Signal Front Ends (MxFE)

As wireless systems move from RF to the mmWave spectrum, system complexity increases as well. In this article, learn how mixed-signal front ends provide scalable, software-designed radio solutions that solve multifaceted communications challenges.

xMxFEs from Analog Devices offer smart integration of RF analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), RF digital-to-analog converters (DACs), on-chip digital signal processing, and clock/PLL for multichip synchronization. This allows for the elimination of discrete data converters and traditional RF front-end components to reduce size, weight, power needs, and cost. Integrated digital signal processing supports the transition to software-defined radio platforms, creating a highly configurable common hardware/software platform that can be used in multiple applications across a broad array of end markets.

0322 Block-diagram-of-the-AD9081_rev

Block diagram of the AD9081

The green block: Highlights the on-chip DSP
including a programmable FIR filter and course/fine
decimation filters on the receive path and
course/fine interpolation filters on the transmit path.

The orange block: Shows the AD9081 offering four ADC channels at 4 GSPS and four DAC channels at 12 GSPS.

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