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Work with Arrow and RSA to provide solutions that protect businesses by effectively detecting and responding to advanced attacks.

Reducing and Managing Digital Risk

Understanding RSA Business-Driven Security

About RSA

About RSA

RSA supports over 30,000 customers worldwide with cyber security and digital risk management solutions.

RSA offers business-driven security solutions that provide organisations with a unified approach to managing digital risk that hinges on integrated visibility, automated insights and coordinated actions.

RSA solutions are designed to effectively detect and respond to advanced attacks; manage user access control; and, reduce business risk, fraud and cyber crime. RSA protects millions of users around the world and helps more than 90% of the Fortune 500 companies thrive and continuously adapt to transformational change.

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Arrow and RSA

Arrow & RSA empower you to embrace digital transformation and we take pride in helping you manage digital risk for your customers.

Arrow understands RSA’s leading technology and will actively work to support partners to generate end-customer leads and provide expert technical and commercial support for this exciting cybersecurity portfolio.


RSA product offerings

RSA SecurID Suite

Having a diverse and mobile workforce can be both a blessing and a curse.

On the one hand you become more agile, productive, and efficient, while on the other, you open up your business to a whole new level of cyber risk.

However, if you understand the different types of users, locations, and devices accessing your network and the potential risks associated with them, you can turn a security liability into a competitive advantage.

To do this, you need to move away from outdated, traditional solutions and eliminate uncertainties by adopting a more modern approach to secure access.

RSA SecurID Suite can help you manage these risks and neutralise identity-based attacks by:

  • Continuously monitoring user and entity behaviour
  • Evaluating risk and business context for identity and access assurance
  • Gaining insights with identity analytics and threat intelligence
  • Rapidly responding to suspected threats and corroborated incidents

RSA NetWitness Platform

With cybercrime on the rise and the digital environment becoming increasingly complex, more and more organisations are turning to modern, evolved Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology to protect their assets from the ground to the cloud.

That’s where RSA NetWitness comes in. More than just a SIEM, this platform has the capabilities that a modern organisation needs to detect, investigate, prioritise, and respond to threats across the entire IT infrastructure.

Providing a solid foundation for your security strategy, this evolved SIEM enables your IT and security teams, offering:

  • Seamless integration with existing security tools
  • Complete threat visibility from the endpoint to the cloud
  • Advanced capabilities to instantly detect the full scope of an attack
  • Business context, so analysts can rapidly respond to the most serious threats

We believe that the way we work sets us apart from the competition. We pride ourselves on understanding exactly what you need and shaping our services around it. Contact us to find out more about RSA or the security solutions from Arrow.

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