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Prisma SASE, Ep4 - What Is The Value Of A Unified SASE To Partners?


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In our first 3 eipisodes, Joe Bombagi, Director of SASE Systems Engineering in EMEA at Palo Alto Networks and Arrow's David Smith discussed the technologies that are part of the Prisma SASE solution, including ZTNA 2.0, next-generation CASB, SD-WAN and Prisma Access.

In our 4th and final episode of this exclusive series, we look at the overall value to partners of a fully unified SASE.

Joe and David discuss exactly what’s in it for the partners, the sorts of projects partners will discover, the kinds of services available, how these are broken down, and most importantly, what is the customers view on what role the partner or managed service provider plays when it comes to SASE.

We also have a free guide to download and keep to accompany the series. Get your copy of this brilliant eBook today and listen back to all four episdodes of the podcast.

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