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Blue Shield Security

Global Security - Made in Austria

Specialists in IT security

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Blue Shield Security specializes in the development of high-quality IT security technologies and offers software-as-a-service that is unique worldwide. In contrast to most conventional IT security solutions, Blue Shield Umbrella uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to detect malware in real time and preventively.

Cybercrime attacks affect companies of all sizes and industries, the damage can be gigantic and life-threatening. Modern attacks are characterized by discretion and invisibility, and the types of attacks are becoming increasingly complex. Blue Shield detects and blocks unknown malware before it penetrates the network - making threats transparent and measurable.

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Easy Deployment

Blue Shield Umbrella can be seamlessly integrated into any existing environment and is always up to date with its SaaS architecture. Thanks to the use of DNS, this solution is fast and flexible and the implementation is extremely easy - without additional personnel or time.


The benefits of Blue Shield at a glance

  • Central cloud-based threat intelligence: maximum protection against malware in real time through mathematical algorithms and artificial intelligence
  • Additional extension of the existing IT security concept
  • Zero Day, Phishing, C&C and CryptoMiner Prevention
  • Central protection of all ports & protocols based on external name resolution
  • Seamless integration of all mobile devices
  • Simple central commissioning without additional software and hardware installation
  • Active research and continuous development
  • Complete DNS shield as the "first line of defense"
  • Use of artificial intelligence, predictive and evolutionary algorithms
  • Dynamic rating without signatures and blacklists