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Arrow Electronics, Inc.

A1 Digital Offensity

Analyze system vulnerabilities to protect against cyber/hacker attacks

End-to-end security instead of selective tests

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About A1 Digital Offensity

With Offensity, you can protect your company's IT against threats automatically and consistently. Offensity relies on continuous monitoring instead of selective tests. Continuously updated, automated processes monitor your systems and test them immediately after new vulnerabilities are discovered.

Addresses, bank statements, documents and even family photos. Hundreds of politicians, journalists and celebrities are affected by the unauthorized publication of their data. To help your company keep track, there's Offensity. The automated security service monitors the Deep Web for involuntarily published data records for enterprise customers and immediately informs affected customers.

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What is Offensity?

Offensity is an automated cloud security service that continuously scans customers' Internet-accessible IT systems for vulnerabilities, assesses their risks, and provides specific recommendations for action to eliminate those risks.

  • Automated detection of your externally accessible IT systems such as DNS, mail and web servers, mailing lists, etc.
  • Ongoing scans for company-wide verification of the continuously increasing number of new vulnerabilities.
  • Targeted monitoring of your involuntarily published records via hidden web pages on the Deep Web.
  • Concrete recommendations for action from the best hackers in Europe as a basis for decision-making for managers and experts.
  • Transparent reporting provides you with a consistent overview of security-relevant changes in your system landscape.
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Working with Arrow

Benefit from employees with many years of experience in IT security and security monitoring.


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