RJD Series LI-ION Batteries Offer New Way to Utilize Space and Boost Power

Illinois Capacitor has developed a unique and innovative way to fabricate coin cells for better space utilization. Available in a variety of sizes, the RJD Series LI-ION batteries offering more power and a longer life.

Hi, I'm Lee Teschler with EE World and Design World. I'm here with Mike Shade from Illinois Capacitor. We're going to be talking a little bit about coin cells. There's a little known fact about ordinary coin cells. If you pry that metal can off, you're going to find something in most cases that's rectangular, like this.

But, Illinois Capacitor has come up with a different way of fabricating coin cells that actually makes better use of the area inside. Mike, tell us a little bit about that. Well, kind of what we came up with was again, recognizing that there was a lot of wasted space especially the bigger the battery got, you know, the more space that was unused.

So we developed a technology, basically a manufacturing process that allows us to make a round cell and put it inside the case, utilizing every bit of space within it. So typically in a small size, 20 millimeter, we can get maybe about 24% more power in that battery. But when we get up into the bigger sizes it's like 176% more in that pay.
So for you know, wearables, Internet of Things, you can have more power, a longer lasting battery. So for the same size as a conventional coin cell, you can actually make something that has a longer life to it. Exactly, and again, these are rechargeable. It's considered a secondary battery.

So again, for a wearable something, like a health monitoring device that you'd wear on your wrist, it would give you longer life. Less time that you'd have to recharge for recharging. Now I understand that with this kind of new manufacturing process it also gives you control so you can change the form factor of the battery if you need to.

Can you talk about that? Yes, well what we decided was after we got done with this, was well, that same technology that allowed us to make the round one, why couldn't we do something different? So we came up with a variety of packages that can be done. Just kind of as a demonstration, as you can see, this one's round, you can build it around whatever device.

Whatever your case is, we can utilize every available millimeter for battery. We can make it L-shape, rectangular, whatever you need. We have some that are so thin, this actually can be inserted inside a credit card. It's available, it's kind of new and it's different. That's interesting technology Mike.

It's going to advance IoT applications quite a bit.

- Yes it will.
- Thanks a lot.

Thank you Lee.

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