Vehicle-borne Millimeter Wave Radar Accelerates ADAS Application Development

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is one of the smart vehicle technologies developed actively in automobile factories in recent years. It can accurately scan the environment around the vehicle and assist to take the necessary measures for driving. This article will introduce you to the development of Vehicle-borne millimeter-wave radar, as well as the solution of NXP semiconductor.

Complete Millimeter-wave Radar Solutions  Speed Up Product Development

At present, the automobile safety regulations and ratings are stricter than before, which will accelerate the rapid development of ADAS application, thus driving the strong demand of Vehicle-borne millimeter-wave radar. Vehicle-borne millimeter-wave radar can effectively improve the vehicle's active safety performance, and it is a necessary key device to realize the ADAS and the ultimate goal of unmanned driving.

The working mode of the Vehicle-borne millimeter wave radar is to transmit the modulated millimeter wave outward through the array antenna, mix the received echo signal and the local oscillation to extract the intermediate frequency signal, and get through the processing such as 2-D Fourier transform by the rear microcontroller unit, to extract the relative speed, relative distance, relative angle and direction of relative motion between the vehicle and the target. The vehicle central processing unit will perform intelligent processing based on the extracted information, warn the driver of the information, or take active intervention measures in time to ensure the active safety performance and reduce the accident probability.

In response to this market trend, various technology manufacturers are actively engaged in the research and development of 77GHz millimeter-wave radar with higher resolution and longer sensing distance, and putting forward workable commercial solutions. The S32R radar microcontroller, developed by NXP Semiconductor, is an ideal choice among similar products.

The S32R27 is a 32-bit Power Architecture based microcontroller for automotive and industrial radar applications. Compared with the previous MPC577X products, the performance of the S32R27 is improved by four times in every aspect of power, and the integration of the next generation automobile radar module is also improved for designers. The S32R27 is designed to address advanced radar signal processing capabilities to achieve generic software tasks and car bus interfaces and integrate them with microcontroller functions. By providing a unique signal processing acceleration and a powerful multi-core architecture, it meets the high performance computing requirements of modern beam forming fast chip modulation radar systems.

The S32R27 has a 32-bit CPU of dual Power Architecture® e200z7 and a 32-bit CPU of dual Power Architecture e200z4, also has the checker core (which can be used in lock-step operation) as well as 2 MB flash memory with ECC and 1.5 MB SRAM with ECC, supporting radar signal processing tool box (SPT 2.0) and Radar interface of MIPI-CSI2 (4 data lanes), ΣΔ-ADC (4x 12 bits, 10 MSps) and DAC (10 MSps). In terms of security, it supports ISO 26262 SeoC, ASIL-D and CSE2 (Cryptographic Services Engine) and can operate under AEC-Q100 Grade 1 condition within a temperature range of -40 to 150° C (junction). It also supports interfaces of Zipwire, 2x SAR-ADC, 2x SPI, 2x I2C, 3x FlexCAN (including 2x CAN-FD), Flexray™, LINFlexD and Ethernet etc.

In order to speed up the development of millimeter-wave radar by customers, NXP Semiconductor has also launched an evaluation version of S32RXXXEVB as an evaluation system for the S32R274 and S32R372.S32RXXXEVB is an evaluation system supporting NXP S32R microcontroller series, which is composed of MPC57XXXMB and S32R274EVB or S32R372EVB, and helps in implementation of hardware and software development. For maximum flexibility and simplicity, the evaluation board is a modular development platform that can be used either as a daughter card with a general MPC57xx motherboard or as a stand-alone solution.

Both of these evaluation boards allow you to start with software development, experience a highly integrated Radar Signal Processing Toolbox (SPT) as well as state-of-the-art functional safety and hardware security functions (CSE2).

The S32R274RRUEVB is the evaluation board applicable to the S32R274 radar microcontroller of the 257 BGA, S32R372RRSEVB is applicable to the S32R372 radar microcontroller of the 257 BGA, having a flexible microcontroller clock option (via an SMA connector or an external clock of a 40 MHz evaluation board clock oscillator circuit), a user reset switch, an LED with a reset state, as well as a standard 14-pin JTAG debug connector and a 34-pin Nexus Aurora connector, supporting a 10-pin serial inter-processor interface (SIPI) connector and a Gb Ethernet physical interface chip, and having RJ45 connector and MIPI-CSI2 connector.

NXP Semiconductor also provides the RDK-S32R27 Automotive Radar Reference Design Kit to support high performance S32R27 radar processors. This new radar solution is developed in cooperation with Colorado Engineering to help developers quickly build high-performance automotive radar prototypes using NXP technology. This open and flexible development platform uses a modular architecture, including the NXP S32R processor and the NXP transceiver, as well as the innovative radar software development kit, to provide customer optimized extensions and antenna modules to create a customized development platform adapt to the requirements of a particular customer application.

This vehicle radar reference design kit includes an NXP S32R27 radar processor, an NXP TEF8102 RFCMOS transceiver, an NXP FS8410 power management chip, and an automobile hardware design methodologies, NXP Automotive Software Development kit. This is an end-to-end automotive radar reference design kit, and provides an automotive-grade software development kit that supports enabling NCAP applications (ACC and AEB) and has a complete design platform enabling engineers to optimize the application to quickly shorten the customer's product time to market,

With this advanced radar processor, which is leading in the performance / watt market.

NXP S32R millimeter-wave radar solution will be the key to your entry into the ADAS application market.

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