The Power MOSFET Provides Stable Protection for Battery Powered Applications

Motors are applied in more and more battery powered products and vehicles, such as electric motorcycle, electric cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, and electric tools, etc. Among them, the power MOSFET plays an important role in applications like motor drive, battery protection, and charging balance etc. in order to guarantee voltage stability and stable system operation. This text will introduce the advantages and product features of the Nexiperia power MOSFET for you.

Safety Protection of the Motor Drive and Battery Management System

The motor drive needs to conduct stable power control to ensure steady running for the electric motor while the battery management system (BMS) needs to conduct charge-discharge management for the battery. Normally, it has the function of battery voltage measurement to prevent or avoid the battery from the appearance of abnormal conditions like over-discharging, over-charging, and over-temperature, etc. The power MOSFET can control voltage and current output, which has a key influence on the stability and safety of the motor drive and battery management system.

The power MOSFET is a special MOSFET (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) and a kind of multi-carrier electric single-pole voltage control unit, which is designed for processing a large power level. The design of MOSFET originates from the one developed for manufacturing integrated circuits in the 1960s and the device achieved for the development of CMOS technology, which started to be widely applied in various electronic products in the 1970s.

Due to its low gate drive power, rapid switching speed, excellent high frequency performance and high input impedance, ease in carrying out advanced parallel connection ability, wide bandwidth, good thermal stability without the problem of secondary breakdown, extreme ruggedness and robustness, relatively wide work space, and high work linearity, the power MOSFET is easy to be driven, simplified, used, and maintained, making it the most widely used low voltage (<200V) switch.

The most important advantage of the power MOSFET is that it can reduce volume and weight, which provides a kind of high-speed, high-power, high-voltage, and high-gain device for designers. It is extremely widely applied in various low and medium power switching circuits as well as most power supplies, DC-DC converters, and low voltage motor controllers. The power MOSFET supports widespread power electronic applications like portable information appliances, power supply integrated circuits, mobile phones, laptops, battery powered products, and communication infrastructures supporting the Internet, etc.

Founded in the beginning of 2017, Nexperia is separate from NXP Semiconductors and focuses on the production of discrete devices, logic devices, and MOSFETs. Based on over 50 years of professional knowledge, Nexperia has an annual output of over 90 billion semiconductor devices, and conducts autonomous production of industry-leading small package products as well as high-quality devices integrating energy efficiency, thermal efficiency, and outstanding quality. With heavy investment in research and development, Nexperia continuously applies advanced small signal and power MOSFET solutions to expand its product mix, provide market-leading technology, and ensure the highest reliability and performance. In addition, advanced packaging can strengthen resistance and thermal performance as well as reduce size and cost.

Hereinafter taking a typical battery powered three-phase BLDC (brushless direct current) circuit (<100V) as an example to explain the application mode of the power MOSFET, which can be treated as a motor drive MOSFET, battery protection MOSFET, and charge balancing MOSFET. In addition, it needs to match many discrete driver modules. Nexperia provides various voltage, current, and package specifications of the power MOSFET. For example, the motor drive MOSFET has the specifications including 30V, 40V, 60V, and 100V etc., supports output current like 90A, 100A, 120A, 160A, 240A, 280A, 300A, and 380A, etc., and provides packaging adopting LFPAK56 and LFPAK33, and accords with UL2595 electric clearance for customer choice.

In the aspect of the battery protection MOSFET, Nexperia suggests customers adopt specifications like 30V, 40V, and 100V, etc., which supports the output current of 120A, 160A, 240A, 280A, 300A, 325A, 375A, 380A, and 425A etc. and provides a package combination adopting LFPAK56, LFPAK33, LFPAK88, and Wide SOA, and accords with UL2595 electric clearance.

In the aspect of the charge balancing MOSFET, Nexperia has the specifications including 20V/1.8A, 20V/3.4A, and 30V/1A, etc. Discrete driver modules have a diode supporting 100V/6A and 30V/5A as well as a transistor supporting 30V/100mA, 20V/6.2A and 140V/300mA in order to provide solutions for customers to develop battery powered motor drive.

Nexperia provides a full range of product mixes in order to fulfill the flexibility required by the current market and to help customers easily choose the product suitable for their own system requirements. If you want to know more about the specifications of Nexperia power semiconductor, please refer to

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