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How do I choose the right financing company to work with?

Arrow offers a wide range of creative and flexible financing solutions. We are a strong, financially stable business that can provide strength to our partners and their customers. Our finance experts provide personalised support, managing the quote and contract process for you, saving time and effort and allowing you to focus on the sales cycle. Our training and educational sessions will build your confidence and help you become more self-sufficient when talking to customers about their finance requirements.

I don’t see what I need on the website. Can you offer a bespoke finance deal for my customer?

Yes. The Arrow Smart Finance team are here to help and can discuss the best way to meet your customer’s needs.

My customer is keen to take advantage of a multi-year deal but can’t pay upfront. Can you help?

Yes. Arrow’s Multi-Year Financing solutions allow partners and customers to take advantage of bigger discounts and fixed support prices, utilising manageable fixed payments made over an agreed term.

My customer is a small SME, do you have finance solutions that would suit them?

Yes. Our flexible finance solutions are suitable for small businesses requiring finance of up to £100k or larger businesses looking for £250k and above. We work with partners to design the right finance solution for your customer, regardless of size or type of business.

How long will it take to organise a finance solution for my customer?

Our team of experts are ready and waiting to discuss your customers’ requirements. We utilise e-Sign throughout our business and can usually organise the right solution quickly and painlessly.

Can you help me manage my cash flow better?

We understand that managing cash flow is important for our partners. It helps manage needs during slow periods and positions you for growth when the market turns. By financing purchases you can accelerate accounts receivable payments - even small attach-rate increases free up significant cash flow to pay bills and make investments in the business.

How can I use finance solutions to speed up my sales cycle?

Build in a return-on-investment or total-cost-of-ownership model into your sales proposal tools. Many partners engage financing in the quote-forecast and close stages but not the proposal stage. Earlier discussions allow you to present the metrics and costs along with the profitability potential.

Can I make good margins on financed deals?

Yes. The right financing structure creates a competitive edge and ensures deal profitability. The most successful partners generally integrate financing into their process.