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Case study I: Multi-year with annualised billing ($ terms with annualised billing)

  • Challenge: An insurance company wanted to renew their support of $2.2m Check Point software, but had no budget for a three year renewal.

  • Solution: Arrow Smart Finance negotiated a stepped rental agreement with the channel partner. The customer paid a lower price for Year 1 support, then negotiated higher, yet still value for money vendor support prices in Years 2 and 3.

  • Outcome: The customer received annual invoices, with no impact on cashflow at a near zero cost. The partner benefitted from enhanced margins and a three year support renewal.
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Case study II: Direct customer funding to overcome channel credit issues

  • Challenge: A building services company wanted to work with a new channel partner to purchase £200k of IBM software, but being newly established, the channel partner had a low credit rating.

  • Solution: Having verified the customers’ credit rating, Arrow Smart Finance devised a direct purchasing agreement with the customer to include a three year support agreement.

  • Outcome: This innovative cash distribution solution removes credit risk associated with a new partner, but allows them to recognise the revenue on the full sell price. Risk is reduced across the contract.
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Case study III: Bespoke 5 year payment solution

  • Challenge: This high street bank were reluctant to sign a large Forcepoint Software finance agreement worth a total of £1.75m. The channel partner were keen to sell a five year agreement.

  • Solution: Arrow Smart Finance worked out a bespoke partner payment agreement, with annual billing to the partner and customer and licenses and support for five years.

  • Outcome: Neither channel partner nor customer incur additional costs and the partner still receives a revenue and margin boost.
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Case study IV: Extended payment terms

  • Challenge: An aviation company required a license renewal for £800k of F5 Software licenses, but didn’t have the budget.

  • Solution: Arrow Smart Finance worked with the channel partner to set up a payment agreement, whereby the billing would be deferred.

  • Outcome: The channel partner then deferred the customer bill, allowing them to renew licenses with no immediate cost implication or impact on cashflow.