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Druva delivers data protection and management for the cloud era, using a platform built on AWS.

The leader in data protection-as-a-service

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About Druva

Druva delivers data protection and management for the cloud era. The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud is built on AWS and offered as-a-Service, delivering globally accessible, infinitely scalable and completely autonomous enterprise data resiliency. Customers drive down costs by up to 50 percent by freeing themselves from the burden of unnecessary hardware, capacity planning, and software management.

Druva’s patented cloud architecture transforms backup data into an asset, making it more open and accessible so customers can streamline governance, improve cyber resiliency, and gain critical insights to uncover opportunities and expedite decision-making.

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Arrow and Druva

Arrow has deep expertise and a strong cloud and security offering. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will help you to identify opportunities, sell and deliver Druva's solutions and support your customers at every stage of their journey.

Arrow adds further value to Druva partners by:

  • Recommending complementary solutions from our extensive linecard to complete Druva's offerings
  • Equipping Druva partners with the knowledge and expertise needed to sell more solutions across a range of sectors and in a number of different use cases.
  • Generating demand with business development and tailored marketing campaigns
  • Offering a full portfolio of consultancy services from pre-sales assessments to solution design, support and training.

Let Arrow get you started with Druva today!


Druva product offerings

  • Hybrid/DC workloads backup and disaster recovery: With minimal operational overhead — no infrastructure, maintenance, or upgrade costs; on-demand scale; and data management services like cloud DR — Druva can improve business continuity and minimize downtime.
  • SaaS apps data protection and governance: Built in the cloud, Druva makes it easy to discover, protect and govern your SaaS data, even if it is complex, distributed and fluid.
  • Endpoints data protection and governance: Druva improves cyber resilience and compliance posture, and reduces data risks by protecting the enterprise workforce and data assets. 
  • Cyber resilience: Druva’s cloud data protection and defense-in-depth security are paired with workflow orchestration and recovery automation tools to improve response time, prevent reinfection and reduce data loss. 
  • Data protection for public cloud workloads (AWS): Druva is the only purpose-built, SaaS data protection solution for AWS, including cloud-native apps (EC2, RDS), containers (EKS), and migrated workloads (Oracle, SQL).

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