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Using advanced analytics to optimise cloud and virtual infrastructure, drive down costs and maximise investment

Enabling You to Optimise & Control Cloud Costs

About Densify

Densify is a hybrid cloud and container resource management platform, that makes workloads self-aware of their precise resource requirements and fully automates the resource management and selection process.

With Densify, you get the best of both worlds: your cloud spend is controlled and your apps perform and scale better as they are precisely matched to resources across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and VMware environments.

Densify uniquely addresses the complete cost optimization challenge by first tackling the precise optimization of individual cloud instances, then ensuring that purchasing is optimal from the ground up.

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Arrow and Densify

Densify’s deep analytics and cloud optimisation solutions offer channel partners the opportunity to deliver significant savings to their customers, whilst improving app performance and reducing risk.

Arrow will advise partners where Densify could enhance their existing offering, provide technical support, and can help to drive opportunities with sales and marketing support, plus:

Let Arrow get you started with Densify today!

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