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Success story

SCC grows Microsoft CSP revenue by more than 250% with ArrowSphere

We already had the customer base and the reach to make a big impact in the public cloud space, but with ArrowSphere in place, we are properly equipped to scale our Microsoft cloud business to even greater heights. ”

Senior partner manager, SCC
SCC’s Need for an Enterprise-Grade ISV Platform

The Situation

As one of Microsoft’s original cloud solution providers (CSP), SCC, the largest independent IT group in Europe, was achieving strong revenue on Office 365 subscriptions, but understood that in order to offer customers even better levels of service and grow its business further, it needed an enterprise-grade independent software vendor (ISV) platform.

With a system in place that didn’t offer the capabilities it needed, SCC evaluated a selection of alternative ISV solutions to find a suitable replacement.

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The Solution

Based on the key requirements for functionality and simplicity, SCC selected Arrow and its award-winning ArrowSphere platform.

SCC worked closely with Arrow to agree upon the pricing, solution design and architecture, migration and delivery of the ArrowSphere service. Arrow teams supported SCC in mapping Microsoft licensing to support them in migrating CSP customers to ArrowSphere.

SCC Arrowphere Case Study

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The Benefits

The move helped SCC transition from a direct CSP to an indirect reseller, procuring Microsoft cloud services through Arrow. They gained the functionality and simplicity of the cloud platform and the wraparound support and services.

As a multicloud marketplace and the number one global platform for net-new Office 365 seats, ArrowSphere allows SCC a single pane of glass through which to choose from a catalogue of Microsoft cloud services, configuring and provisioning them directly to customers. Once onboarded, customers can be billed directly through ArrowSphere, their usage monitored for optimized performance.

ArrowSphere simplifies and automates Microsoft subscriptions and billing management to increase efficiency and minimize administrative overheads. Its business intelligence features offer customizable pre-built reports, providing SCC with detailed analysis of its customers’ cloud spend and use.

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Working in ArrowSphere

For SCC, the greater insight into customer usage, behaviors and license base provided by ArrowSphere’s advanced analytics tools means it can tailor services specifically to meet each customer’s needs. The speed with which subscriptions can be provisioned means customers are up and running with their cloud services rapidly, and they can onboard new services or users with little or no delay to their own operations. This is invaluable in many sectors today.

Through MyCloud Portal, ArrowSphere’s customer-facing, self-service portal, SCC gains even more flexibility and automation capabilities. Those customers who wish to directly transact and manage their cloud subscriptions can do so through an SCC-branded storefront, and SCC sales staff can use it to provide pricing and provision services to those who would rather deal with their usual SCC contact.

Services can be quoted and provisioned quickly and easily from any browser, even on a mobile device. This level of flexibility means customers enjoy even greater service levels from SCC, and it allows them to make informed choices about how to enhance their Microsoft cloud services.


The Outcome

SCC’s customers enjoy greater choice and flexibility with ArrowSphere and MyCloud Portal, gaining the ability to add or remove subscriptions and monitor their own use, all while continuing to receive a personalised service from their SCC advisor.

Following the deployment of ArrowSphere and MyCloud Portal, SCC and its customers started transacting immediately, buying new licenses, adding and removing users, and gaining insight into their cloud use. SCC has instant access to advanced analytics features across all of its customers.

SCC quickly saw benefits, quickly transacting significant numbers of Office 365 licenses through MyCloud Portal. In fact, after deploying ArrowSphere and MyCloud Portal, SCC was able to grow its Microsoft cloud services revenue by 250%.

SCC’s sales teams now spend less time transacting Microsoft cloud services and more time supporting their customers in embedding cloud technology into their businesses to achieve real impact.

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