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The 1Sheeld+ is one of the best shields for the Arduino Uno. Within this one shield, you can utilize up to 40 “virtual Arduino shields” powered through your smartphone, ranging from voice recognition and GPS to a camera and a music player.

If you have never heard of the 1Sheeld before, you’ll be amazed on what this product can do. Integreight has created a shield that has the functionality of up to 40 different Arduino shields all into one.

They made this possible by creating a physical board and mobile app platform connection. Specifically, the microcontroller and the Bluetooth module on the board allows your Arduino and smartphone to transmit data between each other, while the app connects to your phone’s or tablet’s sensors becoming the “virtual shields” for your Arduino.  

Upgrading from the original 1Sheeld, the 1Sheeld+ enables your Arduino to connect to both iOS (versions starting from 9.0 and up) and Android (Versions starting from 4.3 and up) devices. It’s Bluetooth module has also been upgraded to a HM-10 module, which has BLE 4.0 technology, and it communicates with the Arduino (3.3 V or 5 V) by using UART ports while having an operating frequency of 7.37 MHz and reaching the range of up to 30 feet.

Getting Started with 1Sheeld+

  1. Stack the 1Sheeld+ on top of your Arduino

  2. Write the code using the 1Sheeld library

  3. Pair the board with the 1Sheeld app over Bluetooth

  4. Browse the vast list of shields, select the one that most interests you and get innovative with your projects

Types of 1Sheeld+ Shields 

As mentioned earlier, the 1Sheeld+ has over 40 different shield functionalities. Types of projects you could build with your 1Sheeld+ include unlocking your door with a hand gesture, a DIY vending machine, 2-wheel drive robot, or even tracking and controlling your car remotely to prevent theft! The 40 “Virtual Shields” on the 1Sheeld+ include:

  • Voice Recognition Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Text-To-Speech Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Internet Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Terminal Shield (iOS/Android)

  • IoT Shield (iOS)

  • Chart Shield (iOS)

  • Fingerprint Shield (iOS)

  • Barcode Scanner Shield (iOS)

  • Face Detection Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Vibration Shield (Android)

  • GLCD Shield (Android)

  • Color Detector Shield (iOS/Android)

  • NFC Shield (Android)

  • Pattern Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Data Logger Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Temperature Shield (Android)

  • Proximity Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Pressure Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Phone Shield (Android)

  • Orientation Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Music Player Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Magnetometer Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Light Sensor Shield (Android)

  • LCD Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Keyboard Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Gravity Shield (Android)

  • GPS Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Gamepad Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Clock Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Notification Shield (iOS/Android)

  • SMS Shield (Android)

  • Slider Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Skype Shield (Android)

  • Push Button Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Toggle Button Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Mic Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Gyroscope Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Email Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Camera Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Buzzer Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Accelerometer Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Foursquare Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Facebook Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Twitter Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Seven Segments Shield (iOS/Android)

  • LED Shield (iOS/Android)

  • Keypad Shield (iOS/Android)


With the easy start-up and a vast variety of Shield collections at a cost-effective price, you’ll get up and running in no time with the 1Sheeld+. Get your creative juices flowing and your project started by purchasing the 1Sheeld+ and Arduino products below:

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